Creative Ways Of Using An Online Countdown

It’s my husband’s 50th birthday in exactly 365 days’ time. 365 days to save for a party befitting a dear husband who hasn’t had a chance to celebrate his birthday in years, is a big deal in our family. An online countdown is a brilliant way to make every moment count. Image sent by author So there’s much to accomplish in this year. It’s about finding venues and invitations. Then there’s … [Read More...]

How to Back Up ITunes Library With an Easy and Quick Way

Have a lot of songs, movies and other files stored in iTunes library and worry that a sudden computer corruption will ruin all your reserved precious content in iTunes? Or want to transfer all the content from iTunes on your old computer to your new purchased laptop but has no clue about how to do that? Here you are recommended to back up iTunes library to an external hard drive, CD or DVD disc. … [Read More...]

Best Laptops Under £350 in 2014

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The Advancement of GPS Technology In Cars

GPS technology has progressed beyond anyone's expectations since its invention. Live and detached, both sorts of GPS frameworks have their own particular distinct characteristics. Producers are incorporating the advancing technology to bring about more enhanced gadgets to the clients. While live … [Read More...]

Four useful Time-saving tips for Microsoft Excel spreadsheets on Windows

Microsoft Excel is a powerful app that is acting an important role in the work, and actually there exists a wealth of practical use tips and tricks during its actual operation, some of them that are not well known while others are widely used on a daily basis, here i will shows you some time-saving … [Read More...]

How to set font and font size in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint

Question: As a office worker, i alway think it is tiresome to change the font attributes every time when i create a new workbook like Word , Excel and PPT etc. Is there any way to change this situation? If there is, how can i do with my Microsoft Office program to let every my new workbooks’ font … [Read More...]

What is a RaceChip?

I like to learn new things and I am constantly reading about new technologies no matter the field. The latest term I stumbled upon was RaceChip. The term was new to me so I made a search to find out more. This is a technology for the car enthusiasts. The racechip is made by one of the largest … [Read More...]

Digital Rights Management in Streaming Media

Have you ever met this situation: you bought a movie from iTunes and tried to transfer it to your Android phone, but you failed to play it on your device? You could successfully play it on your iTunes but not on your Android handset, so what’s the problem? Here is one reason you may come up with: … [Read More...]

The future will be green energy based?

We all know that the oil will not last for ever and there are a lot of scientist who look for solutions. The current and most used solutions are based on renewable energy. We started capturing the sun and wind energy and although the efficiency can be improved these two technologies are used by many … [Read More...]

Mobile Apps That Aid Your Business Requirements

Starting your personal business? There is an important app for that. Equally, if you are managing a business, it is important to explore the various mobile apps that you can probably use for marketing or advertising. Also discover the different methods by which you may take advantage of mobile … [Read More...]

Unlocking Vs Rooting

Most of the people got confused between rooting and unlocking. But these are completely different things. Here in this tutorial we will differentiate between unlocking and rooting. What is Rooting? It is the process of gaining root access to the device. It is generally performed on Android … [Read More...]

How to Recover the Damaged Word Files

When you try to open a Word document, if the system has no respond, the most likely reason may be the document has been damaged. Word cannot be opened? What should you do? At this time, you can try the following methods. Maybe they can retrieve all or part of your loss. Image sent by … [Read More...]

From DOS to USB

The technology has changed dramatically in just a few years. Now we are using all sorts of gadgets in our daily lives like MP3 players, hi-fi sound systems, ultrabooks and tablet PCs. Because all these new tech “toys” utilize new standards for communications such as USB ports is quite difficult to … [Read More...]