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Mobile Apps That Aid Your Business Requirements

Starting your personal business? There is an important app for that. Equally, if you are managing a business, it is important to explore the various mobile apps that you can probably use for marketing or advertising. Also discover the different methods by which you may take advantage of mobile applications for business. Business holders everywhere are keen on the future of mobile applications, and the importance of having mobile apps for your business: promotional ability, customer loyalty, brand visibility and overall relations with your clients. Whether you are a veteran business proprietor or a budding entrepreneur, you will understand how these 8 simple-to-use apps can assist your business achieve success.


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1. StratPad

This is an iPad app that walks you gradually through the procedure of generating a workable policy and business plan. StratPad creates reports – together with financial projections and summary business plans – that you may present to potential investors, and it assists you track advancements as you implement your plan.

2. Sellingly

All business owners are competing for clients. Working initial leads is amongst the most crucial first steps of launching successful businesses. Sellingly refers to an email add-on that assists you keep competent leads organized so that you may easily keep in touch with them. Computerized email reminders would keep you a step ahead of the 80% of salespeople who do not remember to follow up on potential customers.

3. Plebu

It is more paramount for a business owner to have a site, but getting a website developer who shares your idea may be hard. Plebu is a tablet and website app that lets you to get online faster, without the cost of hiring a website designer. Webs built with Plebu appear great on tablets, mobile phones and desktops – so your clients find you despite the devices they utilize.

4. BookFresh 

BookFresh refers to a scheduling app that enables clients to book appointments online. It is like having an implicit or virtual receptionist who is available night and day – which implies you would not waste time (or even risk losing clients) playing email or phone tag. BookFresh harmonizes with your program, so it understands when you are present. Also, it routinely reminds your customers or prospects when they have any upcoming appointment.

5. YouMail 

If you make use of your cell phone for business intentions, then you understand that the ordinary voice mail role is not always adequate. YouMail greets callers proficiently to make a perfect first impression. It instantaneously replies callers with text messages and organises and records voice mails within folders for easy sharing and access. YouMail is free although for an insignificant monthly cost, you may get human transcription.

6. Insightly

Whilst it comes to project management and consumer-relationship, entrepreneurs have exceptional needs. Insightly works faultlessly with Outlook 2013 and Gmail, two well-liked services for small companies. The app offers you with a simple-to-use intuitive interface, flexible events capabilities and calendar and social integration. As a small entrepreneur, you would appreciate the capacity to access consumer information on the go (through Android or iOS) as you construct your successful business

7. Zoom 

It is not always simple to stay linked with your business partners, investors and employees. Zoom assists young businesses attain a communication level usually reserved for well-established and large companies. Zoom combines website conferencing, high-definition mobile and video screen sharing so that you may stay connected despite your location.

8. Expensify

Keeping better record is crucial although nobody wishes to drown themselves into paperwork. With Expensify, you are able to take pictures of receipts, categorize them, upload them – and even mail them to your accountant.


Many mobile subscribers are getting addicted at using apps and downloading them. They like the technology behind applications since it is more beneficial and entertaining to work. If you develop mobile applications and several other phone systems for your business, take into account their purpose. In this manner, you can definitely capture people’s attention and interest.


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