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The Top Ten Phone Excuses

Lists of the top ten phones are all very well, but we’re sure you’ll find this list far more amusing. You see, when people try to claim mobile phones that have been lost or broken on their insurance policies, they have to provide an excuse. These are the top ten excuses for mobile phone accidents…

Cow Babies

A farmer claimed his insurance for his iPhone after using the torch function to help light the back side of a cow during calving. Somehow the phone got lost up there, and whilst it did reappear, it was no longer functioning…

Bake a Cake

A forty year old woman claimed her insurance for her Nokia after accidentally baking it inside a birthday cake. The phone couldn’t survive being cooked on gas mark 5, surprisingly…


A lady walking her dog on a beach in Wales claimed that her phone was stolen whilst she was on her walk. The surprising part? The thief was a seagull that swooped down and took her phone from her hand.

It’s Not Meant for That…

In a rather blue excuse, one woman claimed her broken Blackberry to the ¬†insurance because the vibration setting ceased to work whilst she was using the device as… well, as an adult toy… that vibrates…


In an excuse that perhaps many of us can relate to, a forty year old builder claimed his iPhone 4S on insurance after it fell out of the pocket of his jeans when he pulled them down to use the toilet. He did flush, and the phone didn’t go down, but it did suffer water damage…

Thief! (again)

No birds this time, but a man who had been filming monkeys out of the window of his car at a famous safari park, claimed his HTC model phone was nicked by one of the monkeys right out of his hand.

That Sinking Feeling

Whilst re-enacting the famous scene from the Titanic, a couple dropped their phone over the side of the cruise ship they were on because they were trying to take a picture of themselves. Which just goes to show that you should never trust the movies.


After setting up a fireworks show, a pyro-technician left his iPhone in the blast zone. When he later came back to find it, it was gone (probably because it had been fired 3,000 feet up and exploded).


A claim was filed for an HTC Desire phone that a woman admitted throwing at her cheating boyfriend. Unfortunately (or fortunately) the device missed the man, and hit a wall instead, shattering it.

That’s What You Get for Being Cheap…

Because he didn’t want to buy a ticket to see his favourite band play live in concert, one young man took his iPhone up a nearby tree and tried to film the concert instead. Getting a little over excited when the band came on stage, he dropped the phone, and it rather obviously shattered.

Phil Turner was amazed at the things people do with their phones. He found this list oftop ten phones bloopers for your enjoyment.

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