Spruce Up Your Computer With Windows 8 Today

Spruce Up Your Computer With Windows 8 Today 1

Did you know that not upgrading your computer software to the latest version can slow down your computer to a great extent? Further, it can also prove to be a real hassle because a lot of new software that comes out in the market may not be compatible with your …

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Top 10 Tips and Tricks for A Windows 10 User

Top 10 Tips and Tricks for A Windows 10 User 5

Have you recently upgraded to Windows 10? It is a revolutionary upgrade from windows. Which has been provided for free to existing Windows 7 and Windows 8 Users. At the same time when the user interface will look amazing Windows 10 is loaded with some exciting new features. Windows 10 …

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Boosting your Business Scalability with Data Matching

Boosting your Business Scalability with Data Matching 10

Database management is a huge area of technology that demands acute scrutiny and implementation of a perfect tool. In simple terms, management of data is synonymous to defragmenting the set of records, by de-duplicating, merging, and analyzing the entire database. What if you can enjoy all the data cleansing applications …

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Voice Recoding Made Easy

Recording your voice for actors voiceovers or musicians used to be hard a few years ago. Nowadays with the evolving of the new technologies things are a lot easier. If you want to do a voice over for example you need a computer and a good quality microphone. Of course …

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Samsung Galaxy 8 Preview

Samsung Galaxy 8 Preview 14

What Can We Expect From the Next Generation Galaxy Note? The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be released later this year. What can we expect from the iPhone’s biggest rival? With all the buzz around the forthcoming iPhone 8, which is due for release in September, the latest news from …

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BEBONCOOL Bluetooth Game Controller Review

BEBONCOOL Bluetooth Game Controller

The BEBONCOOL Bluetooth Game Controller is quite an interesting product. I used it along with my phone and it is a good idea to be used along VR glasses. What’s In The Box? In the box you’ll find the gamepad, a charging cable and the user manual. [taq_review] Pairing the …

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Koiiko Wireless RC Racing Car Review

Koiiko Wireless RC Racing Car

The Koiiko Wireless RC Racing Car Mini Rechargable Voice-activated Car Remote Control Car Voice Control Vehicles RC Car with Voice Control Smart Watch is really cool. This is the coolest RC car I tested so far. Technical Specification: Frequency: 2.4Ghz Remote Control Distance: 15m-25m Car Battery: 3.7V 250mAh, USB cable, …

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