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10 Of The Weirdest Kitchen Appliance Must Haves

We spend a lot of time cooking and cleaning in the kitchen every day. Shouldn’t we try to make that time both hassle free and fun? Take a look at these creative kitchen gadgets which will simplify common kitchen tasks and put a smile on your face too.

1. Pop-Up Hot Dock Cooker

Do you love hotdogs? Do you wish that you could replicate the cinema experience of a piping-hot dog and a perfectly toasted bun in the comfort of your own home? This handy little gadget will help you do exactly that.

2. Carton Holder

This carton holder is designed to make it easier to pick up and pour large cartons and two litre bottles. If you suffer from arthritis, this simple gadget could make life a lot easier for you in the kitchen.

3. Temperature Controlled Butter Dish

Are you tired of taking butter out of the fridge to find that it’s frozen solid – or, worse, leaving it out to warm only to find that it heats up too quickly and turns into a runny mess. This temperature controlled butter dish gives you perfect “spreading temperature” butter on demand.

4. Nana Saver

This banana shaped clip-on cover attaches to the end of a cut-open banana, keeping it fresher for longer. This is a great way to cut down on food waste.

5. Pac Man Oven Glove

This cute oven glove is an ideal gift for any fan of retro video games, and who knows, it might persuade them to help out in the kitchen!

6. Whirlpool Vantage Touch-Screen Washer/Drier

This top-loading washer/drier pair has a touch-screen interface with 33 pre-loaded washing and drying programs, and the option to add many more. Simply tell the machine what it is you are washing, and how soiled those items are, and it will intelligently wash and dry them for you.

7. Darth Vader Toaster

Make breakfast fun with this Darth Vader toaster.  If you have a picky eater in your life, this toaster could be the perfect way to persuade them to give something new a try.

8. B-Iron 725

Unfortunately, this iron isn’t yet available in stores, but  it is well worth looking out for.  The B-Iron 725 is a transparent iron. The base is made of tempered glass, and electro-thermal wires conduct heat across the surface of the iron, ensuring even heat coverage, and letting you see the area you’re pressing, while you press it.

9. WaveBox – Portable Microwave

Cook and cool while you’re on the move with this handy portable microwave. The cooking space is big enough to allow you to make popcorn, re-heat a small meal, or just heat up some soup-in-a-mug. The wavebox is ideal as an emergency backup to save you from camping trip cuilinary disasters.

10. ActiFry

Tefal’s ActiFry is a healthy way to cook fries. You can cook almost a kilogram of fries using just one tablespoon of oil. If you’re trying to reduce the amount of saturated fat you take in, then this is a great investment.

Article was written by Philippa Law on behalf of Appliance City. Philippa enjoys researching and writing about weird and cool gadgets.

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