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3 Amazing IPhone Apps You Need To Check Out

Apps aren’t really the easiest thing to communicate with out actually showing it to someone. I have found that the best way to show someone an app is to actually just show him or her. Like literally taking the phone and downloading it and showing them how to use it. The only problem is… you are reading this blog and I am not in your room showing you. Well that’s okay, I will do my best to communicate to you why you should check out these apps. Here are some of the apps that are a little hard to explain why they are so great but I like a good challenge!


Twitter is a wonderful world. Seriously it has its own kind of humor; even it’s own way of communicating sadness or anger. People call it “subtweeting”. I know it’s all really strange. My problem is that it always seemed really childish at times. Seeing all these tweets at people arguing and then the whole UI of the twitter app on the iPhones just were not stunning to me. The blue & white just wasn’t fitting my liking. So I checked out some other apps, that I found on the “social media” tab of the app store and realized one thing. THEY ALL SUCK. Seriously. Tweedeck got annoying because of my stupid Facebook feed. Tweetcaster sucked because of all the stupid ads. I mean really the list goes on and on. I finally got my hands on something called Tweetbot. It essentially changed my life… on twitter… which is fake but anyway you get the point. The reason it is so amazing is because how freaking cool it looks. Seriously the color pallets selected are just fantastic. The best part of it is the swipe features. If you see a tweet and would like more detail on it or the conversation it was tied to, just swipe and boom there you go. Even if you would like to quickly reply to someone; simply double/triple tap it (to your liking) and again. Boom goes the dynamite. It’s pricy but it’s perfectly practical.


So can we just take some time to talk about how terrible the phone app on the iPhone is? I mean really. That’s the one thing I missed about having an android. It was so easy to just swipe one way to all someone. Well I finally found an app that that was easily close to that concept. It’s free so that’s good! What it does is it simply takes your most recent calls and most frequent and comes up with a nice little layout that shows the 9 most called. Check it out!


This is an app that has been out for a while but it still isn’t that popular for some reason. What’s so cool is that it works with a ton of different alarm monitoring companies. The reason this app is so amazing is that it allows me to view my house from literally miles away. There is no way I cannot view what’s happening in my house if I am on data or Wi-Fi. I feel like I am in the future when I use this app.

About The Author: Ronak Kallianpur is a writer for Smith Monitoring a Dallas home security company. Ronak is also an avid blogger and musician. Follow him on Twitter, Instagram and check out his music on Soundcloud.

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