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3 Apps You Don’t Want To Miss

With around 800,000 apps in circulation in the app store, it’s actually impossible to check out them all. Some are actually not worth checking out, but some are! Actually most of them are. It used to be where most of the apps that came out were actually pretty bad. I think somewhere along the road Apple started to really buckle down on it all. Some developers even started complaining about how strenuous it was meeting the standards. I totally understand that, but at the same time – It’s because of those tough standards we get these amazing apps today! Here are some that caught my eye that you definitely do not want to miss due to all of the other ones that come out in huge volume.


BE WARNED. This is highly addictive. I don’t mean something that you will be addicted to and then just throw away when you are done like you did Letterpress or Words With Friends. This is one of those games that you will most likely take to the grave. It will get pretty escalated quickly. It sounds like a bad thing but it honestly isn’t. This game owns us! It’s so fun! You will understand the concept in about 5 seconds of playing it. It’s incredibly simple. They even did something very considerate. They made it to where partially blind people could play. Even colorblind guys could join in on it due to a high contrast & low contrast dots.


Remember the hype behind the “bump” app a couple years ago? Well this might have the potential to do so. The whole idea of the app is to finally bring in the ability to send files through Facebook. Why is this a big deal? I have NO CLUE. I hate that this is a big deal! File sharing is such a simple thing now days and Facebook was always so terrible at it. But thank you PIPE for making it simple. So not only is it doing something very simply it has a cool design to where we are all in The Mushroom Kingdom apparently we send files through the pipes that run all around everywhere! It’s pretty cute… I mean… effective and manly. We definitely love it here at work. We are always sending each other files, so if we ever just on our phones, or maybe something is down, its nice to know we now have even another option to send files to each other.


I was just told this app has actually been around for a while, but it did recently get some cool little updates (which we should all remember to update our apps by the way!). It’s a great little app that pairs up with the home security company you might be with and then uses their console to do some crazy futuristic things. You are able to even control your windows, lock your doors, turn off appliances, and even see into the future. Okay no you can’t. BUT you do have the option to view your home from the surveillance camera. Which means that you could be across the globe and still see if/when your dog tears up your couch.

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