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3 New IPhone Apps

There are so many reasons to get an iPhone. Yeah I get it, sweet new processor, nice flashy camera, and a long screen. Which in all reality means we are just going to play Angry Birds faster. Let’s face it: The biggest selling point of the iPhone is actually not the iPhone itself. No, it isn’t the iOS either! (Even though I must admit, it is amazing). The biggest reason why we all love our iPhones is because we love the apps! Not only are there some amazing apps out there, but also there are over 700,000 apps available. Most of them are free too! So lets check out some of this week’s newest additions and some old ones that just got a cool update!


Musyc is a very interesting app. Apparently we all want to be rock stars to technology sees it fit to let almost anyone be one! That isn’t cynical at all, by the way. I love that we can all gather together and make/record music easier than ever before! I know it used to be harder and take way more work, but hey… It’s 2013, lets take advantage of technology in the world of music as well! I absolutely love this app. It has 64 instruments organized into 16 groups. You play these instruments by simply drawing on the screen. Trust me, it is the strangest/coolest thing in the world! The fun doesn’t stop there because you can then push your creations to Soundcloud, iTunes, & Dropbox. People do not realize how great this can be. The obvious feature is being able to share your creations with your friends on Soundcloud but most musicians use Dropbox to bounce tracks back and forth. This could be the future of music creation! Cloud musicians. It’s as if The Postal Service met Tron! The future meets creativity & innovation.

Mount Everest 3D

What’s the worst part of climbing Mount Everest? The climbing part right??? I agree. Thanks to the app called Mount Everest 3D (no the snow want jump out at you) you are now able to take a virtual tour of the mountain. The 3D gets a little confusing. It isn’t the kind of 3D we see in the movies. It’s actually more of the 3D that was introduced to us when the Nintendo 64 came out. Make sense? Okay maybe that wasn’t the best example. When you play a game that’s side scrolling (Old-School Mario games) that is NOT 3D. When you play a game like Halo, Call Of Duty, or the New Mario Games like Mario Galaxy, That’s all 3D. That is the kind of 3D I’m talking about! You can literally start from the bottom and virtually climb the mountain. Kind of…


This app has been around for a while but I just found out about it (how un-hipster of me). Apparently it’s paired with multiple home security companies, and then you are able to almost control every aspect of your home from your iPhone. I’m talkin locking doors, turning off lights, appliances, locking medicine cabinets, and even surveillance! But why would you want to see what’s going on in your home when you are in your home? Can’t we do that with our eyes? Yes you can, but this app allows you to peak in through the cameras when you are essentially half way across the planet. Oh yeah, the app is 100% FREE.

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