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3 Ways The Internet Changed Simple Tasks

We have come a far way, haven’t we? The Internet is easily accessible to almost everyone in America. It’s hard to meet a child that isn’t quite knowledgeable in what the Internet does, and how we could all use it for our advantages. Did you know that thanks to the Internet we do plenty of things daily that our parents and grandparents took hours to complete one task? Tasks like selling things, buying movies, and even meeting people have been mainstreamed. Lets look at a couple ways the Internet changed the game.

1. EBay

Remember garage sales? I do. I remember seeing a garage sale poster and my mom freaking out because she knew she could get some crazy deals on items we needed. We weren’t poor or anything, but being Indian, it comes with the territory of being extremely frugal (cheap). Anyway… Thanks to the Internet, we are now able to buy used items (even new things) all consolidated into one site. It’s almost like everyone in the whole world is constantly having a garage sale that I don’t have to go to and deal with their terrible sales pitch on why their utensils is so great.

2. Google Maps

Everyone understands this one, not much to say here. This is more for some of the younger readers that never knew what maps were. No not the app on your phone that Apple failed at. The actual physical piece of paper we had to buy at smelly gas stations to get anywhere. Everyone knows that Google is awesome and how great Google earth was when it first came out. Many people don’t really realize how they do it though. They actually send out a car that literally travels… EVERYWHERE.  Just think about that for a second, a car that drove down every street ever. Couple that with the satellite shots, they also do and you got yourself a system that will always update and be in our favor. If you have a smart phone and you still get lost while having a good reception, please do not drive anymore.

3. Home Alarm Systems

Remember those older movies when a burglar would try and get into a house and then get stopped by some guard dog that essentially tears the guy’s pants to shreds? Yeah those days are actually over. There are burglars that couldn’t care less how many “guard dogs” you might have in your home. There are mobile devices that render dogs useless in those situations? How? Simply emitting high frequencies that are only heard by dogs (so they could even do it while you are asleep) and freak the dog out and some even run away. Remember the scene in the movies when burglars see a fence and leave because that stops them? Right… I don’t remember that either. The point is, they will do whatever it takes to get past these dated ways of “protecting” out home. Thanks to so an alarm monitoring system by Smith Monitoring that runs on the Alarm.com app, you are able to not only be alerted when a criminal is trying to break in, but even call the cops for you if you aren’t at home. The Internet part comes in when we start to think about how its all monitored. Can’t the criminals just simply cut the phone line and the internet line? Yes they can and that simply does nothing at all! The alarm system is monitored using cellular towers in your tower. Which is basically kind of like an “always online” system no matter what. With this model you are always protected no matter what happens physically in your home or even around your home.

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