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Amend Your Business Decisions with the Help of Data cleansing Software

With the increase in the digitisation of documents and creation of data in diverse forms, the requirement for data cleansing has grown immensely all over the world. The indispensable business decisions depend mostly on the accuracy, quality, and reliability of business record. Most of the companies carry contaminated record in their database which includes numerous duplicates, missing values, and incorrect fields. The reason for this being, dozens of information collected from innumerable sources. A section of people in sales and support also sludge with your record constantly to make it dirty and even the best record can decay in a matter of time.

There is a comprehensive range of data cleansing companies that provide modified database cleansing services customised to the need of different enterprises. The services involve the procedure of identifying and cleaning the errors in your database so as to augment the quality of your record. The companies not only aim to cleanse your record but also maintain consistency in different databases that are merged from other sources.

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Types of data cleaned by the companies

The companies, being specialised in Data Cleansing, provides you with high accurateness of records at reasonable prices and high-level of processing. The organisations which are in the quest for better revenue out of their business information are mostly targeted by the data cleansing companies. The conventional techniques include:

  • Master Data Management for inventory, finance or products.
  • Organisational Data being consolidated from internal or external resources.
  • Record extracted from PDF and paper documents is later converted as per required format.
  • The sales record of the customer is prepared for marketing campaigns and data mining.
  • Procurement record for the analysis of logistics.
  • Migrating record which includes CRM, health and safety, products, maintenance, ERP and production for archival purpose.

Top Database Cleansing Companies and their procedures

Below enlisted are the leading companies that help achieve high-quality and customer-oriented information by cleansing and matching them.

  1. Winpure
  • With Winpure you can clean your database effortlessly. The new data cleaning matrix of Winpure provides an effortless yet advanced tactic of using a complete host procedure onto your database.
  • The matrix is fragmented into 7 sections which contain a collection of tools for cleaning, correcting and standardising your record.
  • The Clean and Match tools of Winpure introduce a one-click record cleaning mode which employs all the cleaning procedures across the rows and columns of the database at the same time.
  • The powerful data profiling tool of the company scans individual lists of records and promptly provides above 25 different statistics starting from empty cells to counts and common values
  • Automated creation of summary reports comprises of matching statistics and 3D charts which can be printed, emailed and exported.
  • Unlike any other solutions, the Data Matching engine within Clean and Match is million times faster.
  • With its sophisticated Data Matching engine combined with the inbuilt knowledge based library system, it is able to find most of the true matches and least false ones.
  1. Data Ladder
  • The powerful and user-friendly software suite of Data Ladder helps the business users across innumerable enterprises manage their databases more efficiently and effectively.
  • The cost-effective and comprehensive software toolkit non-replicates and standardises your record with blazing speed.
  • The revolutionary software suite of the company with its incomparable and high-level matching accuracy and speed is able to strike a blow to the top notch companies.
  • The fastest data profiling tool is efficient in finding and fixing issues in a considerably short time.
  • Multiple proprietary and standard algorithms are included in the software in order to detect abbreviated, fuzzy and phonetic variations.
  • With the best class semantic technology, it is able to structure the unstructured records and also customises the standardisation of the database.
  1. CNM Limited
  • CNM, being the leading cleansing company in the UK, removes entities at various levels of the industry.
  • Through the mortality screening process, it suppresses or removes the defunct database.
  • It cleans and enhances your database by matching it against several industry records.
  • Improves and enriches record through a number of procedures like name and address enhancement, de-duplication and screening against MPS.
  1. Blue Sheep
  • To ensure the best possible result of your marketing campaigns, Blue Sheep provides you with a vast range of services to enrich, correct and non-replicate your database.
  • Being also an information aggregator, the company provides you with the deepest information resources for the optimal enhancements.
  • The software suite of the company is suitable for cleansing both consumer and business record.
  • Flagging of TPS & MPS and validation of correct email address are the additional features.

Benefits of Data Cleansing by the Companies

Some benefits of data cleansing are enlisted below:

  • The competence of Customer acquisition activities is improved – The Customer Acquisition efforts can significantly be boosted by the business enterprises by cleaning their entities. Highest returns on email and postal campaigns are ensured by the clean database as the chance of confronting out-dated information is negligible.
  • Betterment of decision-making process – Customer information is the cornerstone of effective decision-making in a business model. Better analytics accompanied with versatile intelligence are supported by a clean database which can facilitate better decision and execution.
  • Productivity and revenue are increased – A clean and properly structured database can assist an organisation to ensure that the workers are using their time in the best way. Staff efficiency and productivity are maximised with the use of clean information. The response rates of the business enterprises can also be improved with the use of an accurate database which on the other hand results in increased revenue.
  • The business process is streamlined – Elimination of replicated information from a database can help the enterprises streamline their business procedures to make that cost-effective.

A clean database ensures the efficiency and profitability of an organisation by empowering you with the confidence of making a win-win decision. If the information contained in is inconsistent or incorrect, then owning a huge database fails to mean much to your business. The Data Cleansing Companies, thus, augment the potency of your database, sales, and marketing efforts, resulting in a better return on the market activity investment.

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