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Apple TV MC572LL/A

Despite its small size, you will get big entertainment with the Apple TV MC572LL/A. There is an outstanding selection of TV shows and movies in HD that you can either own or borrow. You’ll have the ability to watch even more flicks and videos from sites like Netflix and YouTube. Using a single HDMI cable, the Apple TV will also be able to show your pics and play your audio files from your personal computer.

Apple TV
Apple TV MC572LL/A

You can see thousands of TV episodes that could be rented for 99 cents using the remote that comes with the Apple TV. The TV episodes are in hd and commercial free plus when you rent them, you have up to a month to watch them and up to 48 hours as soon as you begin viewing it. More than 7000 movies are available, and close to 3400 of those are in HD, and whenever a new film is released on DVD, they’re often available the same day. The Apple TV will even get connected to your PC or Mac so you will be able to view content from there also.

The most recent Apple TV is just a four inch square which is much smaller than it was previously. It has an internal power source, and networking with ultra-fast wireless-N-Wi-Fi, as well as an Ethernet connection. Its compact size makes it inconspicuous, and its very low energy consumption make it silent at the same time. If you want to control the Apple TV, you could use the provided remote or, if you download the Remote app, you can use your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Overall, the Apple TV experience for most people are positive although there are several issues. A couple of shows that many people like, which aren’t available, are ESPN streaming and also hulu plus. The ESPN streaming is usually a big deal with just about every person who really loves sports, and it can cost a great deal to pay for single episodes when you can pay month-to-month for hulu plus. People also want to have the ability to access content on the pc without having to have iTunes running. One more complaint for some people is Apple TV’s inability to switch off automatically when the TV is switched off. Though it is not a big deal, it is a bit irritating.


As with any product, the Apple TV MC572LL/A has positives and negatives. You can stream all the major content from different gadgets to your Apple TV. Prior to buying, you should read other people’s feedback to see how they feel.

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