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ASUS Transformer AiO Windows 8 & Android Hybrid Review

ASUS has manufactured a really different product. This is a hybrid laptop/tablet running on both Windows 8 and android operating system together. Earlier it was Sony which launched Vaio Tap 20 that was also a hybrid.

Now you must be wondering how a laptop or tablet can have both android and Windows operating system running together, right? I was also thinking the same but when I started using it then I found everything working smooth. So, I get a review of this amazing and giant laptop tablet hybrid.

ASUS Transformer AiO P1801


The ASUS Transformer AiO P1801 is what it is known officially and it has got a giant display. The display size is even larger than of a traditional laptop display size. Its display measures about 18.4inch diagonally which supports full HD video and supporting up to 178 degree wide viewing angle. The display is added on IPS panel and it supports multi touch feature too.

Operating Systems

This AiO works on both and in fact work smoother on both. When you want to use it with PC station then use it on Windows 8 operating system which is the best operating system for PCs till now and when you want to have android then you can switch to that comfortably. There is a dedicated button at the side which lets you switch between android and Windows easily. The android version is the Jelly Bean 4.1 which is not the latest version but still an impressive one. Why android? Android has got better apps and functionality than Windows 8 when it comes to tablet so this AiO provides you that but when it comes to PC then Windows 8 is unbeatable.


Now you must be worrying about the CPU after reading above two sections but Asus has provided some very good chips inside. For the tablet use, it is packed in with NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad core processor while you can switch between Intel’s core i7, i5 or i3 for the PC use. The PC station has been added with 4GB of RAM which is upgradable to maximum 8GB while tablet holds 2GB of RAM. For tablet, there is inbuilt 32GB flash storage while for PC you can choose between 1 or 2TB of SATA HDD. There is a graphics card too for the PC station from NVIDIA brand having 2GB of dedicated storage.


Well, it got Wi-Fi and off course the Bluetooth as well. The PC station supports dual band Wi-Fi which means faster data connectivity on Wi-Fi network. The tablet has got Bluetooth v3.0 while PC got the v4.0.

It got four USB 3.0 ports and one USB 2.0 port with one HDMI port. This was in PC while in tablet it got one USB 2.0 port and off course the headphone mic combo.

Battery Life

If you using it on android then the last it can stay is 5 hours but on Windows it moves down to just 3 hours. But this AiO is developed only for home use so that battery life is pretty decent.

ASUS is selling it with a huge price tag i.e. $1,229. Another good feature I found in this is it weighs very light. The tablet weighs only 2.4Kg while the complete PC weighs 4.1Kg. Asus is also providing wireless mouse and keyboard with this AiO.

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