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Audyssey’s Audio Dock Air – There’s Music In The Air

As an audiophile and an iPhone owner you are probably looking for a way to use your electronics to show off your collection or listen to your tunes under high fidelity conditions. Most of the speakers for your iPhone are substandard at best and certainly do not allow you to hear the full range of sound that you would like to hear. Audyssey’s Audio Dock Air for the iPhone, iPad or iPod is the device you are looking for. With a footprint of only 9in X 5in X 11in (HxWxD) the Audio Dock Air can easily fit on even a crowded desk or mantle. The setup comes with a power supply and a remote control as well as two 3.5 mm audio cables.

image source audyssey.com
image source audyssey.com

The Audyssey Audio Dock Air uses AirPlay to wirelessly stream music from your iPhone or other iOS device. And while there are other speakers that will do the same thing, the Audio Dock Air is one of the highest rated for many reasons. The sound from this small speaker is powerful, but yet there is little to no distortion and very high musical precision. The bass is especially prominent – something that is difficult to achieve in speakers of this size without the addition of subwoofers. Instead the speaker forces air through in order to enhance what Audyssey calls ‘BassXT’. If you would rather dock your iPhone, there is a docking port (30 pin) and a USB port. AirPlay from Apple uses your wireless connection to stream any type of media, audio or video, to a device that can recognize AirPlay.

Controlling the music is also quite easy. Just download the Audyssey iPhone App and the user can control their music from their iPhone with the special equalizer. What you hear through the Audio Dock Air is what is coming from your phone. The music is not controlled from the speaker itself. You can also tilt the music, adjusting treble or adjusting bass without modifying your overall balance. If you click on ‘dynamic volume’ on your iPhone app, you will not have to worry about variations in volume between songs. The app will automatically maintain a consistent volume between songs without varying your other settings.

One interesting feature with this speaker is that it is set up to also be a high quality speakerphone. In fact, you can even use it in conjunction with Skype or GoToMeeting. At $400, this speaker seems a bit pricey until you look at the other speakers of this quality on the market. If you compare against similar quality speakers, this speaker is a great deal. It’s small footprint and sleek design fits in any room or décor. In fact, it is so small your guests may not even notice it! It is designed to fill your room with music, although because of how the speakers are angled, will not give you a sweet spot for listening in the room.

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