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Building a Secure Wi-Fi Network for Your Business [infographic]

According to statistics, there were about 314,246 Internet crimes reported in 2011 alone. This is an increase of 3.4 percent from those reported in 2010. These figures equate to $485,253,871 in total monetary losses when all complaints are combined.

The report says that 90 percent of these Internet crimes come from the United States. Canada lands in the second spot with 1.44 percent. Next was the United Kingdom at 0.97 percent, Australia at 0.66 percent, India at 0.60 percent, South Africa at 0.22 percent, France and Germany at 0.29 percent and Russia at 0.17 percent.

In the U.S., California had the highest number of Internet crime complaints reaching up to 34,169 while Florida had 20,034. Meanwhile, Texas, New York and Ohio had complaints totaling to 18,477, 15,056 and 12,661 respectively. The figures suggest that the U.S. definitely needs to deal with Internet crime seriously. This is why the Communication Assistance for Law Enforcement Act requires all telecommunications equipment manufacturers and carriers to make sure that they have built-in surveillance capabilities that will enable federal departments to monitor broadband internet, telephone and VoIP traffic.

CALEA imposes strict compliance with this regulation. Otherwise, businesses may end up paying up to $10,000 per day. Heftier fines await businesses that are not PCI compliant. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards are intended for service providers that accept, store and transmit credit card information. Businesses may pay up to $500,000 per breach in fines for PCI non-compliance.

It is paramount that business owners maintain network safety and security with a managed wi-fi service. With this, it is best to choose a service provider that offers good wi-fi access, legal indemnification, network authentication, CALEA and PCI compliance, set-up and technical support and usage reports. Doing so helps businesses avoid cybercriminals and costly fines.

gowifi infographic

This infographic is presented by GoWifi. Visit their site to learn more about how to build a secure internet hotspot.

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