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Canon PowerShot A495 Digital Camera

At first the features are a bit confounding when you make the switch from a film camera to a digital one. To avoid being overly confused, the beginning user of digital cameras should purchase something that is simple and easy to operate. Digital cameras come in all levels, from the easy-to-use, to the very advanced, especially when they have video features.


Using a digital camera might present difficulties if what you are accustomed to is a simple film camera model. The camera screen shows you what your photo will look like, and you will see if you have to adjust the focus, so it is not as simple as pointing and clicking. The Canon Powershot A495 merges the ease of use called for by the newbie with an attention-getting design of softened, curving edges. The compact sophistication makes it just right for those who are looking for convenience, but style also. It is a snap to take your picture with brilliant color with the 3.3x optical zoom, along with 10.0-mexapixel resolution. Everything looks clear with the DIGIC III Image Processor.

Shooting and playing back your images, with the awesome picture offered by the audacious 2.5 inch LED, is a pleasing experience. You can satisfy nearly all tastes because you are provided a selection of three colors. You can carry the PowerShot A495 in a bag which makes for taking fast photos, and it is not a costly camera. It is a basic camera from a reputable company. Naturally, what you get is limited by what you pay, so you shouldn’t be looking for £1,000 qualities. It is easy to use as soon as you open up the box, particularly if you are not a complete novice. You have to read the user guide if you are unfamiliar with cameras.

It is made of plastic, but still very sturdy. The Canon PowerShot A495 won’t suffer from being dropped as easily as the very compact cameras, compared with which it is a lot bigger. Even the close-up photographs the Canon PowerShot A495 captures are of an amazing quality. As part of the included software, you can capture good videos with sound, and upload them to YouTube straightaway. The Canon PowerShot A495 comes with ZoomBroser, a superb software program for editing photos. One of the few negatives is that after shooting a pic, it takes some time to recharge. If you yse the flash it is even slower, but that’s normal for a camera that runs on just two AA batteries. It doesn’t have an optical viewfinder or image stabilization, but that is true of nearly all cameras that cost the same.

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Canon PowerShot A495 Digital Camera

Though the LED screen is really big, the resolution isn’t good, but the photos downloaded on the computer look much better. For the price, the Canon PowerShot A495 is a truly good camera for a novice. The slow recharge speed following the snapping a picture is the biggest downside.

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