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Samsung Galaxy 8 Preview

What Can We Expect From the Next Generation Galaxy Note? The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be released later this year. What can we expect from the iPhone’s biggest rival? With all the buzz around the forthcoming iPhone 8, which is due for release in September, the latest news from …

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Creative Ways Of Using An Online Countdown

It’s my husband’s 50th birthday in exactly 365 days’ time. 365 days to save for a party befitting a dear husband who hasn’t had a chance to celebrate his birthday in years, is a big deal in our family. An online countdown is a brilliant way to make every moment …

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The future will be green energy based?

We all know that the oil will not last for ever and there are a lot of scientist who look for solutions. The current and most used solutions are based on renewable energy. We started capturing the sun and wind energy and although the efficiency can be improved these two …

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From DOS to USB

The technology has changed dramatically in just a few years. Now we are using all sorts of gadgets in our daily lives like MP3 players, hi-fi sound systems, ultrabooks and tablet PCs. Because all these new tech “toys” utilize new standards for communications such as USB ports is quite difficult to …

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HTC vs Samsung: The battle of the phablets

HTC hasn’t had it easy lately, after witnessing another dip in its market share, but the Taiwanese manufacturer is showing no signs of giving up and is now believed to be broadening its horizons with a phablet device. Rumoured to be named the HTC One Max, the handset will follow …

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Common Sense of Digital Cameras Maintenance

Digital camera is a kind of precision device. Taking correct maintain methods and measures will help to give full play to its performance. What’s more, digital cameras have special structures and performance. So there are many new requirements on the aspect of maintenance. The digital camera maintain methods are various, …

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