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Coby MP620 Video And MP3 Player

Just about everyone right now has some sort of mp 3 player, and quite a lot of them right now also play video. If you invested in and mp 3 player in the past you know how much money they can actually cost. In fact you might find that you could spend hundreds of dollars just to get a good quality device. Coby has created a high quality product that does not cost anywhere near $100. In the following paragraphs we are going to be checking out this unit and going over some of the characteristics that it has.

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Coby MP620 Video And MP3 Player

Something I want to mention relating to this unit would be the fact that it just does not play audio files but it plays video also. And for those of you who like to watch your movies I’m sure you will agree this is really a great addition to this device. If you check out the memory of this device you will find that you can store four gigabytes of information, which means you can save more than a single movie. Some people get this device simply because of the video feature as it can help keep their children busy on long trips.

Not everyone likes to watch movies, and would prefer to simply listen to audio programs, and this will allow you to save more than 1000 mp 3’s. That’s equal to approximately 50 hours of audio, which is more than most people will ever need. Even though you can listen to all of your mp3s you will recognize that you will need to recharge the product after about eight hours. And an additional feature you will find in this product that you’ll not find in most players is the fact that it includes a built in FM radio.

You may possibly also be surprised to find out that you can also save text files to this device. What this means is which you can add E books to this device if you’re one of those men and women who like to read a lot. Some individuals think that they can only save audio files or movies but actually you can save both on this product. The fantastic thing about this is you will have the ability to switch from audio to movies whenever you want.


One final thing I want to talk about this device is the fact you can in fact pick this up for about £25.00. You almost certainly will not have the ability to find it in the stores for this price but this is just what Amazon is selling it for. One of the best things about purchasing this from Amazon is that they in fact knock off £12.00 from the suggested retail price. You might also be pleasantly surprised to find that people who have purchased this product liked it enough to leave good reviews on Amazon for it. If you are one of the men and women looking to get an mp 3 player this unit might be just what you’re trying to find.

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