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Common Sense of Digital Cameras Maintenance

Digital camera is a kind of precision device. Taking correct maintain methods and measures will help to give full play to its performance. What’s more, digital cameras have special structures and performance. So there are many new requirements on the aspect of maintenance.

The digital camera maintain methods are various, but the most important is your shooting habits. For example:put your camera into its original bag in time when you finish using it; cover the lens and remember to clean the dust on the lens cover when you don’t shoot; if the environment is wet, the camera should be put into a plastics bag, etc. Here, the followings are some specific maintain methods:

 1. Memory card installation notes

Memory card installation is a frequent operation when using digital cameras. There are two points you should pay attention to. First, you must make sure the camera is turned down; second, notice the direction (for some types of memory cards, you have to insert it in a special direction).

2. Memory card taking out notes

Different memory card has different method to take out from the camera. But you should know that when the camera is reading or writing information, you are not allowed to take out the memory card. Otherwise you may damage the content on the memory card, or even damage the card itself. Besides, when you are taking out the card, you should protect the card from being dropping down on the ground. This may also cause the memory card damage.

3. Don’t shoot strong light

Digital camera has adopted CCD or CMOS Solid state imaging device. So it has the advantages of light in weight, less power using, long working time,etc. But its endurance for strong light and high temperature is limited. So in order to protect the photo quality and the image device, you’d better not use camera to shoot the sun or the major light.

4. Defend Smoke and dust

Some experts say that humidity is the biggest enemy of digital camera. If it is true, then the dust will be the second enemy of it. The dirty things such as dust and smoke might pollute the camera lens. This will affect the photo clarity. So you’d better not use your digital camera in the dusty environment. If you have to do that, please remember to cover the lens and put it into bag when you finished using it.

 5. Avoid being shaken

The digital camera should avoid being shaken severely. Because severe shake will make the internal parts of camera shift, loose and fall off. When you go out to take photos, remember not to throw the camera in the car casually. You should hold it on your shoulder to reduce vibration.

Proper maintenance will make the digital camera work more efficient. But improper maintenance may lead to the contrast effect. For example, photos are lost from digital camera. When you encounter such problems, don’t worry, this article will help you to  recover the lost photo from your digital camera.

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