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Common Sense of Hard Drive Maintenance

Hard Drive is a precision device used for storing the digital information. And just like a car, it is a mechanical device also needs our periodic maintenance to guarantee it perform normally. Below are some specific maintain methods for Hard Drive Maintenance.

Useful Methods to maintain the hard disk:

1: Disk Defragmenter

Doing a hard drive defragment regularly is good for the hard drive. Go to the computer desktop:

For Windows XP, successively click on “Start”>> “Programs”>> “System Tools”>> “Disk Defragmenter” to run Disk Defragmenter.

For Window 7/8, Click on “Start” and type “Disk Defragmenter” into search box to find and run Disk Defragmenter.

Whether Windows XP or Windows 7/8, it is better to analyze a drive before you defragment it and keep the drive which you want to defragment at least more than 15% of the space in the hard disk, and generally disk defragmenter takes 1-2 hours.

2: Disk Cleanup

Just like doing a hard drive defragment regularly, regularly clean up your hard drive to delete the unused/temporary files on your hard drive is a big benefit. Go to the computer desktop:

For Windows XP: Click on in turn “Start” >> “Programs” >> “Accessories” >> “System Tools” to select Disk Cleanup option, and then run it.

For Windows 7/8: Hit “Start” and type “Disk Cleanup” into search box to find and run Disk Cleanup.

If have time, clean every drive with Disk Cleanup tool. Once the Disk Cleanup is done, you will get a dialog box to show the types of files can be removed including temporary Internet Files, downloaded Program Files and Recycle Bin contains files etc.

3: Other suggestions

Do not shut it down with suddenly power off, it is bad to the hard disks as the Hard disks always works with high speed rotation when they are working, Dust adsorption is hardly bad for Hard disk, thus clean the dust regularly to protect the hard disk and keep your hard disk working in a cool environment because temperature of hard disk can also effect its service life etc. Also using software to maintenance your hard disk by fixing errors/bad sectors, defragging and analysis your hard disk etc. also is viable. That all!

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