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Dedicated Server For Your Business

The Internet has become such an invaluable tool in growing a  business. Known as the great equalizer, the World Wide Web has enabled small businesses to not only compete with but even beat larger corporations. But in order for any business to succeed at such a feat, it has to have a reliable website, and your web server is crucial to that.

What kind of web server should you get?

There are different kinds of web servers but if you’re really serious about eliminating down times from your website, then you should go for dedicated servers. A dedicated web server is one which connects an entire network of computers which belong to just one business or organization. Essentially, you have control over the entire web server unlike sharing it with other clients with the traditional web server.

Why should you go for a dedicated web server?

1. Customization

Some of the best businesses are those who have been successful at making themselves distinct from the other establishments. But this would mean having to make changes and modifications. This can be rather difficult if you’re sharing web server with five other businesses. On the other hand, customizing and modifying a dedicated web server is not a problem at all since you’re the only one making use of it.

2. Customer Service

While this does not suggest that hosts have preferential treatment for any of their customers, but it is true that clients who opt for a dedicated web server receive better customer service simply because the host has to work closer with the client to ensure that the server functions the way that the client wants or needs it to.

3. Multiple Domains

Another advantage of using a dedicated server is that you can host more than just one domain on it. This works best for organizations or businesses which are large enough to have multiple divisions and branches. Making use of a shared server would mean that you would have very strained resources which can make all of your websites function less efficiently.

While there are other ways of hosing multiple domains, there are inherent benefits to using just one server for all of your websites. First off, you can dictate and control the uniformity of all these websites in order to come up with a coherent look that reflects back on your business, at the same time, using just one server is more cost-effective.

When it comes to performance and greater reliability, dedicated server is still the best choice. This means you are not sharing system resources. The result is better performance and efficiency in work. Many organizations also choose dedicated server because it is secure. Advantages also include having custom firewall, custom configuration, IP address and even an  upgrade path.

Many businesses and organizations are switching to dedicated servers because shared web hosting is limiting. True, it is cost-efficient but it also has some setup constraints and problems. When you want efficiency and performance, you cannot afford these delays.

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