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Driverboost Review: Make An Informed Decision Before You Buy!

This Driver Boost review can help you make an informed decision before you pay for this software. However, most of what will be said here depicts how important it is to use a program you trust. Otherwise, you could install corrupt files on your computer.

Driver Boost Personal Experience Speaks Volumes

I read information about Driverboost in depth before I tried it. I mainly did that because I didn’t want to put what I think is a driver update program only to find out it’s not.

It does more harm than good to put software on your PC if you don’t know what it’s for and then later you learn the hard way. Some programs out there were marketed as inexpensive solutions. However, in the end they turned out to actually be the the malware the maker claimed it would remove!

If you don’t think that could happen to you, beware. That’s just when it might. As for Driverboost, I have verified over and over again that it’s from a trusted vendor. Then, I finally and reluctantly downloaded it.

How Does Driverboost Really Work?

Programmers made Driverboost to detect misplaced or corrupt software. All it takes is automatic scan of your machine. Then, all the corrupt items are shown, or missing files you need to run printers, scanners cameras, and more are found.

My All-Time Favorite Driverboost Features

This software has a very user-friendly tabbed menu. This helps immensely when trying to set up this computer program to do what it’s supposed to do. You can access the scan screen, settings menu, help guide, and download history.

One of my other favorite functions of the Driverboost software is how it shows what computer you have. It’s like an artificial intelligence. It really is helpful that it detects the make and model of your PC because this is how the drivers you need are found the fastest.

It also has a very fun infographic pie chart that is very easy to read. The green is for “up-to-date drivers, and yellow is for “devices with no drivers,” and the red is for out-of-date drivers.

Appearance isn’t everything, but if a software is appealing to look at, I would assume that the maker put quite a bit of thought into creating it. Usually that is true, because if they care that much about the appearance of it, that must mean that they care about the way it performs. Even more importantly, I would take that to mean that they would care about the people who would purchase it.

Driverboost also does the following:

  • It records your driver download history.
  • It searches for authentic version of drivers.
  • It serves as a companion to Windows Updates.
  • It makes lives of users easier all around.
  • It speeds up your slow computer.

My Suggestion To Boost Software

The only suggestion I really have to make regarding this driver update software is for the maker to post more extensive information on the knowledgebase. However, they do make an extra effort to provide support to anyone who has computer problems. Therefore, Boost deserves an above average Driver Boost review.

Guest Author: Julie Blodgett is a work at home mom, better known as a WAHM. She really enjoys blogging and considers her computer her lifeline. So she doesn’t just agree to write reviews for anyone. You may contact her if you have a product that you would like reviewed with an honest and open review at http://conblogaration.jabsfreelanceworld.com/.

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