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Dual SIM For The Elderly – The Eelo Dual SIM Big Button Phone

Dual SIM phones used to be the realm of frequent travellers who needed to support two SIM cards from different countries, or businessmen who needed to keep both business and personal SIM cards in the same device. However, there are other reasons to have a dual SIM mobile phone. They are a great way of saving money, allowing you to have both a contract SIM card that always has credit on in case of emergencies and a pay as you go SIM so you know exactly how much you’re spending and don’t get any nasty surprises on your phone bill. For this reason a dual SIM mobile phone can be a great device for older phone users. Mobile manufacturer eelo has realised this and has bought out the first dual SIM mobile phone that’s specifically designed for older users. We took a closer look to see exactly what it has to offer.

Designed with the Elderly in Mind…

The eelo device has no touch screen. What it does have is a tactile key board with over sized keys that are easy to see and to use, as well as an extra bright display for good readability. With those that might have hearing problems in mind there are five ring tone levels, an extra loud speaker as well as hands free functionality and adjustable head set volume too. But that doesn’t mean that it isn’t stylish too. There’s 1.8 inch extra bright screen, and the device is slim and light too. The menus are designed to be easy and simple to use and are presented in extra large fonts so that they’re easy to read. There’s an integral LED torch for lighting dark places that comes on at the flick of a side switch. The dual SIM function is also easy to use, and you can switch between SIM cards by pressing a dedicated key for each card. There’s also an SOS emergency button on the back of the phone for an instant connection to emergency services, which could very well be a life saver. Finally, there’s great media functions too. There’s an FM radio, an MP3 player as well as an MP4 video player, and a 1.3 MP in built camera for taking pictures. Plus there’s a micro SD card slot for additional memory just in case you need it.

The Tech Specs…

This is a GSM phone dual band phone. It’s approximately 115 mm by 51 mm and 15 mm thick. The display size is 128 by 160, and it weighs 117 grams, so it’s pretty light. There is a vibration alert as well as an extra loud speaker. The battery life is good, better than good, the eelo averages around eight and a half hours of talk time and five hundred hours of talk time per battery charge cycle. The camera has LED flash and auto focus as well. And there’s an internal memory of 32 MB as well as the external memory micro SD card slot.

Phil Turner knows that a dual sim mobile phone is designed not only for the younger crowd but for the more mature users as well.

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