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Eton FR160 Solarlink Multi-Power Crank Radio with MW/FM/Shortwave Bands and LED Flashlamp

Eton FR160 Microlink is really a self-powered radio, that has AM/FM/NOAA Weather, and comes with flashlight, solar power along with a mobile phone charger. With all the features that this radio has you should recognize that simply because it is inexpensive you will not get great reception with the radio. It can easily be charged by using solar energy or by turning a hand crank. You additionally are not going to need to crank for hours simply because a couple minutes of cranking equates to hours of play time for the radio. You have to already realize what a good purchase this can be especially if you lose power on a consistent basis.

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Eton FR160 Solarlink Multi-Power Crank Radio with MW/FM/Shortwave Bands and LED Flashlamp

If power in the winter months months is very unreliable you will discover that this device having a flashlight in addition to a radio is very useful. The point that batteries aren’t needed for this unit means it’s going to always be ready to work when the power goes out. You will get it working in a few minutes simply by turning a crank. There were a few bad reviews, but most buyers were happy with their purchase. Something that makes this device a no brainer would be the fact that you can in fact purchase it for about £30.00. The manufacturers of this unit don’t blow smoke, as the reviewers concur that it works as stated. You ought to also realize that when the power is out for some time it is very useful to have this unit to charge your cell phones.

The actual radio is not the best but it works, which includes a weather band. The reality that the radio works and that it comes with a weather band makes this worthy of the price. You are going to also find that this can be extremely handy when going on camping trips. The hand crank additionally makes it simple to recharge the batteries in this unit when it’s night time so you can utilize the flashlight. Either solar or a hand crank can easily charge the battery, and you will get over two hours of battery life, with three to five minutes of hand cranking. I am sure at one time or yet another you have reached for a flashlight only to realize that the batteries have been drained, which is the reason why this unit is great. Apple products for example an iPod can also be charged making use of this unit.


Something that some folks have talked about relating to this product that they did not like is that it doesn’t come with a power adapter to be plugged right into a regular outlet. Of course this unit isn’t really designed to work when there’s power available, it’s designed for emergency use when the power is out. The individuals who have complaints about it, may very well be glad they have it, if their power was out for a few days. You should be aware that this isn’t the sort of radio that will have enough power to be played at a party.

This is actually a combination radio and flashlight, that’s for emergency situations when the power is out. If you invest in it with those motives in mind, you will not be disappointed with the Eton FR160 Microlink Self-Powered AM/FM/NOAA Weather Radio with Flashlight.

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