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Fellowes B-081C Deskside Shredder

With identity theft becoming increasingly more popular each and every day more individuals are actually worried or concerned about throwing away their garbage that contain papers and credit cards. I am sure you are able to understand why a paper shredders are becoming more popular than ever, because this is a method to protect yourself from identity theft and allowing other people to get your information. When it comes to finding a good shredder you are not going to want to purchase one that only cuts strips of paper or one that will not be able to shred credit cards. It’s for this reason that we of made a decision to take a look at the Fellowes B-081C 8 Sheet Cross-Cut Shredder in this article.

Fellowes B-081C Deskside Shredder
Fellowes B-081C Deskside Shredder

Unlike other shredders of a lesser quality you’re going to see that this device can shred up to eight pieces of paper simultaneously and you do not have to worry about paper jams. You must comprehend that paper than the shredded lengthwise can still be taped back together to get your information however this product uses a cross cut feature that produces confetti out of your papers. I’m sure you are able to realize why this type of shredder is superior to shredders that only cut paper lengthwise, simply because trying to put confetti back into a piece of paper is almost impossible. This kind of shredder is in fact so popular that major corporations and businesses use this mainly because they know how safe it is.

Something else you are going to find that you can actually do with this machine a shred your credit cards as opposed to just cutting them in half and throwing them in the garbage. A lot of identity thieves merely get your credit card number by taking a couple pieces of your credit card and putting it back together again, however when the credit card is cross cut into little pieces it makes it extremely difficult to do this.

A thing that I found rather amazing concerning this product are the reviews that folks left on Amazon about it, and this is because just about everyone who reviewed this provided it with a five out of five star rating. The only negative review was that a person did not like the fact they could not shred for more than 30 minutes at a time, but if that individual read the directions it’s advised that you don’t shred from more than 10 minutes at a time. This same person still offered this same product a four out of five star rating despite the fact that they didn’t like that they couldn’t shred for more than 30 minutes.

If you do your own research on this device and find out that it’s a shredder you would like to own you are going to find the you are able to pick it up from Amazon for about £100. Something else I should mention is that you’ll be saving over 25% off the list price if you opt to order this from Amazon. And for those of you that are wondering that’s actually $80 that you will end up keeping in your pocket.

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