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Foscam FI8918W Wireless/Wired Pan & Tilt IP Camera with 8 Meter Night Vision and 3.6mm Lens

The Foscam FI8918W Camera is marketed as a pan and tilt, wireless and also wired camera, which can be used in a number of ways. When you read the reviews, it seems like the men and women are discussing two completely different products. One group thinks that the product is great and it works exactly as they said it would and also the other group is filled with people who believe that it is the worst product ever made, and you need to never even give consideration to purchasing the product.

Foscam FI8918W Wireless/Wired Pan & Tilt IP Camera with 8 Meter Night Vision and 3.6mm Lens
Foscam FI8918W Wireless/Wired Pan & Tilt IP Camera with 8 Meter Night Vision and 3.6mm Lens

The positive reviews that are included with this product are so good that you might actually want to rush right out and buy one. Obviously the bad reviews are so bad you would want to stay away from this camera without exceptions. To some they put the camera in places to watch what was going on, in fact many utilized it to keep track of a baby in a different room, and it worked flawlessly. For these people the picture was clear and worked in all light conditions from dark to sunlight. Everything you need to set this up comes provided in the package, which includes all of the wiring needed. Using a computer browser you can actually access the camera and make all the adjustments that you might find are necessary which includes adding the wireless feature. If you can keep the camera in the vicinity of the router you are going to have no issue whatsoever setting this up for the basic functions.

Simply because you are able to access this camera from different remote locations, this is one of the reasons one of the men and women left a good review about it. Finding an additional camera in the same price range that offers all the features is nearly impossible. An additional reviewer realized the setup to be a breeze, as well as the support was excellent, with a wizard to help you through everything. Once the camera is set up, it works flawlessly, with good quality and operating silently. Nearly all of the reviews were much like these, filled with good experiences with a camera that did everything they wanted.

Obviously with regards to the negative reviews that you’re going to find concerning this camera, there are a few of them and it may make you think twice about buying it. There’s one individual who left a review who in fact said they wound up throwing this away after receiving it as a present and not being able to use it properly. Another reviewer who invested in this to be able to keep an eye on their baby set everything up only to discover that the wireless portion of this unit was broken. One of the selling points of the camera is the wireless feature and if it does not work, it is no wonder there are so many disgruntled individuals who have purchased this item.


For those of you who could be interested in buying this sort of camera I would recommend you do your research and read all the reviews the people of left about it. This device may wind up being the best option for you but many individuals have chose to go on and try to find a different camera that they know will work perfectly for them. Simply because a few individuals have received this product and it did not work right, you should comprehend that this might also not work right for you.

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