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Four useful Time-saving tips for Microsoft Excel spreadsheets on Windows

Microsoft Excel is a powerful app that is acting an important role in the work, and actually there exists a wealth of practical use tips and tricks during its actual operation, some of them that are not well known while others are widely used on a daily basis, here i will shows you some time-saving tips and tricks that you may not know and not widely used in the work.

1: Append a calculator to the Excel Toolbar

The built-in calculator is hidden by Microsoft Excel 2010 normally, if your work has the demand of calculation, why not activate it and it will bring u much convenience. Go and find the toolbar options and click “More Commands”, then the program will pop up a dialog of Excel options. Click drop-down button to choose “All Commands”, the you will see the “Calculator command”, hit Add >> to show it in Quick Access toolbar. That’s all!

excel12: Importing Data From a Website

 Find a site that has lots of data that is useful to you and want to copy and save it? Well, if you achieve your goal, you can convert this into a spreadsheets. Go and find the “File” option, then click open to change the file format to “All Web Pages”. It includes all of the formats of .htm, .html, .mht and .mhtml. At last, load the web address and click Open. Done!

 3: Changing the Enter key behaviour

 As we all know, generally when we click the “Enter” key, the cursor will go to the next cell that just below it.  If you do not like this default, you can change it via the following way. Find Excel options and select the “Advanced options”, then change your wantted choice from the drop-down box and set it as the default.

excel114: Set the Auto-Save features in Excel

 In order to avoiding lost Excel file due to emergency of Power-off, computer failure and Excel program corrupted etc. We had better use the Auto-Save feature in Microsoft Excel because it is a really waste of time to Recover lost Excel file. Thus follow these steps to activate the “Auto-Save feature.

Select and click “Add-Ins” in the Tools menu, then the program will pop up a “Auto-Save” dialog box, select the AutoSave options that you want. Of course, you can also modify AutoSave settings such as “time interval to save”, “which types of xcel to save”, and “whether to be prompted before saving”etc.

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