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From DOS to USB

The technology has changed dramatically in just a few years. Now we are using all sorts of gadgets in our daily lives like MP3 players, hi-fi sound systems, ultrabooks and tablet PCs. Because all these new tech “toys” utilize new standards for communications such as USB ports is quite difficult to make them work together with older pieces of equipment.

If you want to use your old printer with a new computer you may be in trouble.

From DOS to USB

There are a lot of individuals and companies who use old printers which require Dos to print. Although DOS programs work fine on windows computers accessing an USB port may be difficult because DOS is usually working with an LPT port or a COM port for printing tasks.

Print Dos

In addition most modern printers aren’t DOS-compatible because they were designed to reduce costs.

If you need to use DOStoUSB there are a few tricks you should learn.

Things aren’t difficult if you learn how to do this properly. To help you with this task there are programs like Printfil. You can download the trial version for free from http://www.printfil.com/download.

Such software will direct the data from LPT1 to USB using the RAW mode (the data will be sent transparently).

Using specific software for printing in DOS over USB will also help the user solve another problem – Windows is using a different printing technique called GDI (Graphics Device Interface). This technique takes the page you want to print and transforms it into an “image”.

This is why you get “blank pages” if you connect the printer via USB and print from DOS (DOS is using another printing technique).

By using specialized programs the pages will be printed correctly. Also by using the GDI you can do things like previewing the printing pages or adding a graphical background image.

So even if you need to print from DOS there are now some simple technological solutions.

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