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Fun Things You Can Do On Your Samsung Galaxy Ace

Like all smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy Ace comes fully loaded with fun things to keep you occupied and entertained, whether you are taking a break from work, bored waiting for your train or bus to pick you up, or you are at home and looking for a way to relax. And, of course, you can expand on those fun activities by downloading even more apps from the app store on the device. This allows you to customize the phone further and enjoy some much-needed downtime from your busy and sometimes hectic schedule.

Below are just a few of the fun things you can do with your Samsung Galaxy Ace. Purchase this budget-friendly smartphone and see for yourself that there are so many possibilities for connecting with friends and entertainment using this device.


Words With Friends and Other Games

There is a plethora of gaming apps available that allow you to either play as a single player or connect with others. This includes the famous Words With Friends game, which is pretty much a mobile version of the famous board game Scrabble. Connect with your friend, no matter where he or she is, and you can play the game until someone wins. Or you can connect with other users whom you may not know personally but who are looking for someone to compete with.

Of course, you can also download a variety of other very popular games, like Fruit Ninja and the many variations of Angry Birds, from Angry Birds Seasons to Angry Birds Space. From racing games to puzzle games, games that test your intellect to those that give you an adrenaline rush, there is so much to choose from and you are bound to find very many games to suit your interests on the Samsung Galaxy Ace.

Check out the apps store on the Samsung Galaxy Ace to see the latest games that are available, and then get to downloading as many as you like, or as many that your mobile phone’s memory will be able to tolerate, and then get to work having fun.

Music Videos and Music Streams

Download music apps, like Pandora or Slacker Radio, if they are not already installed on your device when you purchase it, and you can enjoy all the free streaming music you crave. Tell these apps who your favourite artists are and the apps will automatically begin playing your favourite songs by those artists as well as other artists in the same genre. You may even hear some new music from a band you have never heard of before, which will help you broaden your interests and tastes in that genre.

You can also use your Samsung Galaxy Ace to download or stream music videos by your favourite solo musicians and bands. Thanks to the large touchscreen, high quality audio output, and high definition video output, you can sit for hours watching all of your favourite classic music videos as well as the latest releases by using apps like YouTube and Vimeo.

Laura Ginn loves using her mobile phone, especially her Samsung Galaxy Ace Purple smartphone, to do everything from watch movies and play games to listen to the latest music from her favourite artists. She finds great deals on all smartphones by checking the UK comparison site, uSwitch.com.

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