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Gadgets To Buy Dad For Father’s Day

In 2012 the citizens of the United States of America spent around 11 billion dollars on Father’s Day. 1.4 billion dollars when to clothing -like ties and shirts- and another 1.3 billion dollars were spent on Father’s Day cards. Instead of buying him something ordinary, give your dad something he will like and use this father’s day.

The man wants something that is going to make his life easier, but something he will actually enjoy. Something that he stands a chance of still using when next year’s Father’s Day comes around. So forget the discount ticket to watch his favourite sports team, the bottle of wine and box of chocolates. Here are the four gadgets that he wants and you need to buy:

A Fish Finder:

Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him to fish and he will never go hungry again, unless you are a useless teacher, in that case he will starve. Do you really want to take that gamble with your dad’s life? A fish finder is a handy piece of sonar equipment that works to a depth of 120 feet and comes with a LCD display that is mounted to his fishing rod. This will give him a great look at where the fish are hiding and this is as close as you will get to ensuring him a catch on his big day.

iGrill for iPhone, iPad and iPod:

Make your dads life easier and help him with the fire. This does not mean that you need to manage the fire yourself, simply buy him an iGrill. An iGrill device works with an app on your Dad’s iPhone, iPad or iPod  to remotely monitor the temperature of the meat, ensuring that he can stand up to 200 feet away from the fire and still know exactly what’s cooking. So if he gets caught up in something else and forgets to change the meat, the app will notify him with an alarm when the meat needs to be turned, making sure that he never burns the meat again.

External USB Charger:

If your dad is constantly on the road and using his smart phone or tablet, the chances are he has run out of battery life when he needs it the most. Ensure that this never happens again and buy him a remote USB battery charger for father’s day. This device can charge an iPhone and iPad simultaneously and will help him stay connected at all times.

Switch Modular Pocket Knife:

The Switch Modular Pocket Knife is similar to the Leatherman tool and Swiss army knife, only an upgrade of the two. Instead of carrying all the tools and gadgets along with you, this device allows you to customise your knife to suit the situation. Therefore, he can keep the minimal tools on you during the week and when weekend rolls around, he can change it to his fishing or woodwork tools. Ensure that your dad has a tool for every occasion and buy him this handy pocket knife for father’s day.

Spoil your dad this father’s day and buy him something that he will actually use. Buy him one of these handy tools and help make his life a little easier and more enjoyable.

I am Greg Jones: a personal loans South Africa consultant, son and father. My dad and I often talk about Father’s Day gifts and all the silly things I bought him throughout my life. Now that I have a son, I realise while it is amazing receiving something from your child, sometimes you wished it was a little more helpful.

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