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Games, Gadgets and Apps Help You Stay Fit and Motivated

So you made all of those resolutions to get fit and stay fit for the New Year, but you’re having a little trouble staying motivated? Fitness routines can become like work to the body and mind, which then rebel against the tasks at hand. Try downloading some fitness oriented technology to your Smartphone to zest up those boring routines. Don’t let your hard work and progress fall by the wayside. Get one of these apps, gadgets or games today!

Fitness Apps

Zombies, Run!

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Who wouldn’t want to be in their own zombie movie? Your jogging routine will never be the same when Zombies, Run lands you right in the middle of a zombie motion picture. You listen with earphones as the Smartphone app takes you on a scary role playing adventure. You have to steer clear of the zombie population of undead and collect ammunition and medical supplies along the way. Once you’ve collected enough items, you’re given the choice of what area of the city to help, with what and unlock new areas to conquer. There are 30 different missions and you can even opt to listen to YOUR music while you run to avoid the zombies. Another really cool feature is the ability to “map” your progress on the web.

($7.99) Available for the Android and iPhone

Lose It!

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Nothing is more frustrating than setting a dietary goal and then finding it hard to maintain it with an on-the-go lifestyle. It’s hard to keep track of calories when you have such poor food choices available for take-out and restaurant fare. Add this app to your smartphone and you can set your personal weight loss goal. The program calculates automatically the caloric intake you need each day to get you to your weight loss target weight. You set the number of pounds you want to lose over a specified amount of time. The app does the rest. Pull out the smartphone and type in what you plan to eat, such as “two scrambled eggs and one slice of wheat toast with light butter.” The app then gives you the breakdown on calories, sodium, sugar, and fat for the foods. Don’t forget to include your workouts on the app. They help calculate the increase in calories allowed due to being more active. It’s a great way to break the challenge of losing weight down into a more manageable task. Increase your chances for success!

(FREE) Available for the Android and iPhone

iFitness Pro

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There’s nothing like the feeling that you have your own personal trainer in an app form. iFitness Pro is a comprehensive addition for your workout that offers an entire catalogue of exercises (literally hundreds) that all have easy to follow instructions, images and videos. They are categorized by region of the body, such as arms, legs and abs. It breaks it down further to include the exact areas you want to target like the glutes, biceps, triceps and other problem areas. It also includes information on what types of fitness machines or equipment you need to achieve results in these areas.

($0.99) Available for the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

Fitness Gadgets

How would like a way to step on a scale and have it accurately count your body mass index (BMI) as well? Welcome to Withings WS-30. It’s a body scale that actually hooks to the internet. Save your data to a website or app to chart your weight loss, or even share your progress with friends on social networking sites.

The Striiv Play pedometer tracks steps and offers positive reinforcement to stay active. It will accurately count every step, stair and calorie you burn through the day. When you use this with the app, you are invited to play a fantasy game when you earn enough gold points. How do you earn these points? Get up and move!


Fitness Games

Nintendo’s Wii Fit U

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This game works with the Wii Balance Board, Wii U GamePad and a small Fit Meter. These all work together to allow more than 20 fitness programs, like aerobics, and then logs your daily progress.

UFC Personal Trainer: The Ultimate Fitness System

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This is made by THQ; this gives men a tough fitness program designed directly by the National Academy of Sports Medicine and Mixed Martial Arts professionals. This is a great way to keep men motivated and on track.

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