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Garmin Nuvi 265W Widescreen Satellite Navigation System Review

Discovering a GPS system that provides all your requirements when on the move is more involved than you may well think. That brand new car you just decided to buy could well be delivered complete with a pre-installed GPS device. All fine and dandy you might conclude, yet what if the GPS you’ve got fitted is not the one you would prefer to use? Should this occur, a search for a pocket GPS unit that you really want may be the answer. You’ll likely be surprised at how extensive the specifications are and how long it takes to research all the alternatives. Now available GPS units incorporate the most effective technical improvements to date. To the technologically-challenged, all of this can seem relatively incomprehensible. To assist you, there follows a quick, easily digestible look at the Garmin Nuvi 265W Bluetooth Portable GPS.


It’s not necessary to keep checking the Nuvi 265W to be told how to reach your destination. The unit provides vocal driving directions during the journey so you don’t get lost. Having said that, this GPS unit includes a wide screen that you can still read details from even though in sunlight. The result is that no matter from which location or what angle you look at the screen it will always be readable. It has these wonderful features with the added reward of being pocket-sized and easily movable away from the car. The database is extremely comprehensive trademarked City Navigator NT street road maps. You will find more than six million tourist attractions, or POI’s.

The Nuvi 265W has Bluetooth cellular technology integrated that allows you to make calls totally hands free. Obviously you will need to possess a Bluetooth phone that is appropriate for the unit in order to do this. In fact making a call is a pain-free operation, thanks to the highly visible touchscreen display key pad on the 265W. You will discover a built-in mic, also. Then when you are receiving calls, all that you should do is touch the screen and start off talking.

What additionally makes this transportable GPS so helpful in urban cruising is the way it is integrated with FM receiver traffic updates. That way you will be aware about the traffic hold ups well ahead of time and the GPS unit will tell you to take another route. In case this occurs, simply touch the screen to obtain more details and locate a way around the problem.

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Garmin Nuvi 265W Widescreen Satellite Navigation System

A great emergency capability of the 265W is the means to immediately pinpoint your position on the map. This is known as “Where Am I?” and getting your coordinates is instant after tapping on the display screen. If necessary, you can quickly discover the nearest emergency facilities for example a police station, gas station or a hospital. If you wish to extend the abilities of your 265W then Garmin provide many more plugins to help you. Most are travel conveniences if you are on long trips that include visiting other countries.

Garmin produce a number of portable GPS units with widely diverse technical specs amongst which is the Nuvi 265W. Possibly your best bet is to pick the GPS that will fit the majority of your driving factors and situations. There is a lot to select from, and you want to find the device which will offer the greatest usefulness for the longest time possible.

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