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Genius Mousepen i608X 6×8 inch Graphic Tablet with Pen

You are going to find that the Genius Mouse Pen solves graphic design problems that happen to be more distinctive in nature. Perhaps you have seen sites online that have interesting and unique designs and wondered how they were done. Most likely, the designer utilized a mouse pen apparatus. They can be wonderful fun to test out if you make websites or blogs. Even when you are an internet marketer who makes your own sites, you can add flair and uniqueness with these devices. Read on to discover more about the top features of the Genius Mouse Pen Graphic Tablet.

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Genius Mousepen i608X 6x8 inch Graphic Tablet with Pen

The Mouse Pen 8 x 6 gives a tablet surface area of eight inches by four inches. The included wireless pen provides the writing or drawing graphics output for your tablet. This pen has a healthy pressure sensitivity range about 1024 degrees. A cordless mouse using three button controls is included for use on this device. You may be amazed to realize how useful this device can be in graphic design. Just some of the applications include writing, drawing, editing or customizing pictures or coloring as desired. Creating new designs and customizing graphics is what you can do with this device.

The built-in area contained in the 8 x 6 tablet plate enables you to obtain a short cut in record time. This fully programmable feature is called a “hot cell”. It is to be found above the area where you ordinarily work. The Mouse Pen tablet uses a USB connector to provide your computer with the best data transfer, working speed and power. The tablet is effectively designed ergonomically which is really helpful during extended times spent designing graphics.

More features of the cordless pen permit effective emulation of a variety of painting instruments. Some good examples are water color pens, regular fountain pens or an airbrush pen when you are using painting software. For the people who are familiar with online marketing, there has been a product available for years that may be familiar. This particular product creator utilized a device such as this to create personalized graphic. These types of graphics are commonly found in online sales letters. This is simply one example of the best way a tool like this may be used to make money.


Included with the Genius Mouse Pen is a collection of software tools that will expand your range of possibilities. You will effortlessly be capable to create fine artwork as well as manipulate and customize your photographs. Using this specific device, you will be able to to do a lot of creative fun things Making use of this device for product development in addition to graphic design is something you should definitely bear in mind if you are an online entrepreneur.

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