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Good Camera Phones Versus Digital Cameras – Choosing Between The Two

Thanks to the iPhone revolution, digital cameras and their appeal are fading fast. Of course, professional photographers still use digital cameras and camcorders for high quality shoots, but when you look at the youth today and their social sharing fad, camera phones are definitely a more viable option. Read on as we present to you the cons and pros of having cameras and camera phones.

Cameras give you high quality shoot options while phones do not

There are good phones that provide you higher MP cameras – case in point, the Nokia Pure View with 41 MP resolution capacity, but none of them provide you with the optical zoom, image captures, flash qualities, and light arrangements that cameras do. On the other hand, there are people who do not really need the bells and whistles and a decent picture under average light conditions is good enough for their needs. Cameras are driven to capture excellent images, while phones with cameras provide you with images that are social media share worthy. Decide what you need and choose accordingly.

Cameras are costly while phones are cost effective

Cameras like the Canon and DSLR are really costly options for you to consider. Unless you are a professional photographer, having a camera will not make sense given the extremely high cost. Hobbyists are also known to invest in high quality cameras which can be expensive if they do not continue with the pastime. Some smart phones have a lot more apps and features in addition to good cameras, and while they are costly, they are worth every penny you spend on them. If you can afford a camera, buy one. If you cannot afford a camera, buy a camera phone – it really is as simple as that.

Cameras are not convenient to carry around

Camera phones are increasingly sleek and stylish. They are fun gadgets to have and fit in your trouser pockets offering you no extra baggage. Cameras on the other hand are another painful story – they are huge (in fact, the better the camera, the heavier it will be). For travel operations and trekking, camera phones are better and more ergonomic when compared to cameras.

Bottom line: Look at the convenience factor, especially when you are on rugged operations. Camera phones are a cost effective solution that can be easy to handle on trips. Digital cameras, however, need to be handled with care and caution making them troublesome to have.

Phones that offer stiff competition to cameras

Nokia has the Pure View model with a whopping 41MP camera and social sharing facilities. With effective cloud computing, the photos can be shared around the Internet and web. Moreover, you can edit an image with ease on a phone, something you cannot do quite as simply with a camera, where you would need a PC to do a lot of the editing.

Think about your requirements, shop and compare prices, and choose a camera or camera phone accordingly. Both of them are wonderful inventions and great devices to have.

Phil Turner has come to realise that good phones are available at all kinds of price-levels and that he CAN afford one.

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