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How to Fix the Problem that iPhone Cannot Be Detected by iTunes?

It is very annoying when you connect your iPhone to computer but find that iTunes can’t detect it. You really want to sync songs, photos, video, etc. from iTunes to iPhone. The problem is that you don’t know why this happens and how to fix it. Here you are provided several probable reasons and corresponding solutions to solve the problem.

1. Undesirable hardware and software

You should make sure that your computer has the USB 2.0 port and the newest iTunes version. Also your computer operating system should be: Mac OS X 10.4.11 or later version; Windows XP Home SP2 or Windows XP Professional SP2 or later version; Windows Vista Home Premium/ Business/ Enterprise/ Ultimate. If your computer can’t meet the desire, you need to upgrade it before connecting iPhone to iTunes.

2. Low or dead battery of iPhone

If iPhone doesn’t have enough power or the power is fully drained, the icon of iPhone will be displayed in iTunes in 10 minutes. So if you find your iPhone can’t be recognized by iTunes, you should check whether your iPhone has enough power. If not, you should charge it first.

3. Check the USB connection

Connect iPhone to the built-in USB port on the computer instead of an external USB hub. If iTunes still cannot detect iPhone, please try to use another USB port.

4. Reboot iPhone

To restart iPhone, you should first turn off your iPhone by pressing and holding the Sleep/Wake button for a while until a red slider shows, and then slide your finger across the slider. Finally use the same way to turn on iPhone again.

If the iPhone is not responding, you should reset iPhone next. To do so, you can press and hold the Home button and the Sleep/Wake button at the same time for at least 10 seconds until the Apple logo appears. If this doesn’t work, try recharging next.

5. Reboot computer

Reboot your computer and then reconnect your iPhone to it. If the problem still has not been resolved, then you should continue the next steps mentioned later.

6. Reinstall iTunes

For windows users, you should first upgrade to the latest version of iTunes. If this still doesn’t work, it’s time for you to completely uninstall iTunes and then reinstall the newest iTunes version

7. Conflict with third party software

Some third party software like anti-virus software or security program may prevent iTunes recognizing the iPhone. Considering this, you probably need to upgrade software, change software settings or temporarily stop the running of the software. For Windows computer, MSCONFIG is specially used to troubleshoot the conflicting software.

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