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How To Integrate Mobile Payment Methods For Your Business

In this high technology age, businesses should make everything easy for their customers. The easier it is for them, the more profitable it could be for the business. One technology they should invest in is integrating mobile payment methods. This gives choices for a person and eliminates the need to go home and access a personal computer to handle any transactions.

Mobilized Devices to Process Payment

For mobile businesses, it’s very handy to have a mobile payment device for your phone. It’s usually a small card reading device that connects direct to your phone. To receive it, you will go to the company’s website and sign up. When you get the device you download the application and you’re done. When it’s time to take a payment, you connect the device and swipe the card through it. There are many companies coming out with this product, and currently, you will find the more popular with PayPal, Square, and Intuit. Many businesses can benefit from this including:

  • Lawyers
  • Plumbers
  • Lawn service providers
  • Sellers at farmers markets

Mobile Payment Service

With a mobile payment service, you can integrate this onto your mobile website or with a mobile application. These are not difficult as you can go directly to the site to download the software. These are great for:

  • Receiving payment authorization from customers on their mobile devices
  • One-click purchases
  • Making one-time payments
  • Refunding payments
  • Canceling transactions

Making Your Website Simpler

If you do not have the means to currently convert your website into a mobile version, you can simplify your current website design and install the application. Open your site on your phone and look at the flow of it. Your font size should be large. You also need buttons that are large for a larger finger to access. A customer should be clearly able to tell how to checkout. Indicate “Pay Now”, “Checkout Now”, or “Shopping Cart” for easy access.

Shopping Cart Installation

To actually integrate the service onto your site, it starts with having a shopping cart. You would first need to choose a service partner. The company for you will depend on a few things as each has their advantages and disadvantages. The most important criteria to consider are:

  • How you are selling your products – this can be online, mobile, or other business services.
  • The type of product you are interested in – standard payments or express checkout options
  • The payment plan you would like to set up – you have choices of annual, monthly, a one-time fee, and a pay per transaction fee. There are a few      free options as well. Each has their advantages and disadvantages also.

There are many applications already developed that you can integrate directly onto your website to get started accepting payments. It’s very similar to embedding a video or other graphic onto your site. If your current website is not already constructed for mobile access, you can sign up with many providers to get that started.

Nicole Rodgers has been blogging in the mobile, finance, and business industries for over three years. When she became a business owner, she needed a quick, convenient way to receive payment from her customers. She acquired her mobile payment app from Moblized.com and now she can accept payment from anywhere.

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