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How to set font and font size in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint

Question: As a office worker, i alway think it is tiresome to change the font attributes every time when i create a new workbook like Word , Excel and PPT etc. Is there any way to change this situation? If there is, how can i do with my Microsoft Office program to let every my new workbooks’ font and font size is just the way i like?

Answer: Yes, the answer is certain, we do not to adjust every workbook to meet our needs, just by changing a few settings, we can make all our workbooks automatically conform to your preferences. No matter it is Word, Excel and PowerPoint, it always can be achieved. Below are the specific steps:

1: How to change the default font style in PPT



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Compared with Word and Excel, it is easier to set the default font style in PPT. First what you need to do is start a default text box in your template. Then type any word and select the word, then set it to whatever you want the default type style to be. Select the font you want. Then right click on the text box to select it, then choose “Set as Default Text Box” on the pop-up menu. That’s all!

2: How to change the default font style in Excel

 To change the default font and font size of Excel workbook, create a new Excel workbook at first. Click “File” and find the “Option”, then you will get a new dialog box, go and find the “General” category. Find the “Use this as the default font” and “Font size” to set your default font and font size. That’s all!


Note: You must exit and then restart Excel to begin using the default font or font size.

3: How to change the default font style in Word

 To change the default style of Word document, firstly, create a new word document under the normal template. Then go and click the Font fly-out in the Font group. At here you can set the options that you want to adjust to the default font and default font size, then hit it to “Set As Default”. Done!


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