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How To Use Technology To Your Advantage In Job Search

With all the latest advancement in technology, if there is one area in which technology can be found useful, it is in the search for jobs. Implementing technology it into your job search is bound to improve your productivity and results. There are gedgets, devices and appls which exist today that can help people in myriad of ways. The economy is in a shambles and finding a good job can be a challenge. However if people make better use of the technology that is available to them their job search can be a lot easier. Things like computers, e-mail, jump drives, YouTube, Social media and cell phones can make your job search go a lot faster.

Have You Got The Basic Stuff:

The computer is one piece of technology which can help with a job search. There are numerous websites which list job in all types of categories. They are excellent when people are looking for jobs in a specific field. Job seekers can also use their computers with internet connections to find jobs anywhere in the country or in the world. It allows job seekers to cherry-pick the ideal job or use the scatter-shot approach to apply for numerous jobs at the same time. With just the click of their mouse a job seeker can quickly identify and apply for the job of their dreams.

Don’t Neglect The Power of Videos

YouTube is another piece of modern technology which can make finding a job easier. Job seekers can create a video resume and post it on YouTube. This allows them to speak to dozens of perspective employers and headhunters directly without have to put thousands of miles on their vehicles or use up their frequent flyer miles going from one fruitless interview after another. A YouTube video resume is not only a good way to introduce yourself to potential employers, it also allows job seekers to show a bit of their personalities as well. This can help a candidate separate themselves from the herd.

Add More Functionality To What You Already Have

Another piece of modern technology which can assist job seeker is the specialty app. There are a number of apps for your cell phone which can make the process of finding a job a lot easier. App like Job Compass which list jobs within 5 miles of your home,
Indeed.com which receives almost 2 billion job searches every month, JobMo which offers jobs all over the world and Gigwalk which features temporary work can all help job seekers. One of the great things about these apps is most of them are free and very easy for job seekers to use.

Follow The Social Trend

Jump drives, social media and cell phone can also help with the job search. Employers often use social networking sites to gain insight about job candidates. Job seekers can keep their resumes, cover letters and a list of references on their jump drives. This allows them to easily carry it around with them and print copies or e-mail them at a moment’s notice. Cell phones give job seekers the ability to call or receive call from potential employers any time at all.

This article is written by Matt Robinson, a recruitment consultant based in South Africa. He recommends that you visit joblistsouthafrica.com for vacancies in South Africa

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