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HTC vs Samsung: The battle of the phablets

HTC hasn’t had it easy lately, after witnessing another dip in its market share, but the Taiwanese manufacturer is showing no signs of giving up and is now believed to be broadening its horizons with a phablet device.

Rumoured to be named the HTC One Max, the handset will follow in the footsteps of the phone maker’s flagship of 2013, the HTC One, and the recently announced, more compact HTC One mini.

The company’s approach is aimed at widening its appeal to potential consumers, echoing that of Samsung, which was recently crowned the most profitable manufacturer in the world.

However, if speculation is anything to go by the HTC One Max could arrive next month, around the same time that the hugely-anticipated Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is expected to touch down at Berlin’s consumer electronics show, IFA 2013.

Risky business

While a bit of stiff competition never hurt anybody, it would be a huge risk for HTC to go directly up against its biggest Android competitor. Earlier this year HTC felt the effects of Samsung’s dominance when its flagship went head-to-head with the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Despite many industry commentators claiming that the HTC One is “the best Android phone ever” the Galaxy S4 has gone on to sell in vast numbers, quickly surpassing that of the previous flagship, the Galaxy S III.

It’s difficult to prove how much of Samsung’s fame comes down to its mobile innovations and how much it boils down to the popularity of the brand, but whatever it is the HTC One, regardless of its exceptional style and functionality, simply hasn’t be able to compete.

This then raises the question of whether things will be any different with the One Max. While it could certainly prove to be a fantastic device, it won’t be any easy feat to take on Samsung’s new palm-packing handset.

Big screen debut

There is no doubt that HTC’s current line-up is lacking a large-screen smartphone/ tablet hybrid, and its optimism and determination to improve the profitability of its brand is admirable. But, assuming it unveils the One Max at the same time as the Note 3, there could be a fascinating showdown in the making.

But this isn’t to say that HTC doesn’t stand a chance of taking on the Note 3 in the big phone stakes. If it looks as great as the rest of the One range and packs enough power and decent software, the firm could well be on to a winner.

HTC is known for producing some of the most innovative smartphones on the market and if the rumours of a phablet prove to be true, it would be large enough to distinguish itself from the crop of 5-inch Android flagships. It would also help raise the profile of the phablet market by bringing fans of the oversized smartphone something new and unique.

Of course, Samsung isn’t its only competitor, as Sony also has the Xperia Z Ultra in the pipeline, which is due to land in late September. For now though it remains to be seen whether either brand will make a dent in Samsung’s revenue.

However, should the rumours come to fruition there is no doubt that HTC and Sony will both prove themselves to be worthy competitors, not only helping to inspire greater interest in the phablet niche, but also paving the way for even better mobile technology in the future.

 This guest post was written by Sarah Hazelwood of Dialaphone, the home of all the latest smartphones.

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