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IPad 4 cannot charge? Follow these ways to solve this problem

As is known to all, each of Apple’s iPad has an internal, efficient and rechargeable battery and is designed to charge with the USB power adapter that Apple provided us in the product box when we bought it. Thus it is convenient for iPad user to charge their iPad with any Apple USB Power Adapter and this takes great convenience to iPad users.


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However, sometimes some iPad users may have the problem that when they plug it into any outlet or connect it to computer via an USB cable, an Apple local appear but it cannot charge normally. Actually, there exist many similar situations that you cannot charge the iPad and as for the reason, it is also diverse. Well, forget it, if you have the problem with charging your iPad 4; follow the four ways below to solve the problem all by yourself.

1: Have a software problem with the iPad 4

Connect your iPad 4 to your PC, and then make a good backup of your iPad. Dismiss your iPad 4 and hit and press the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button at the same time for more than ten seconds till Apple logo appears on your iPad to reset your iPad 4. Then get the power wire and clean it with a piece of cloth and stick into the iPad 4 to check whether the problem is solved.

2: Have a problem with the cable or the adapter

If you restart and reset your iPad 4, your iPad still cannot charge normally through electrical outlet, it has the problem with the cable or the adapter possibility. What you should do to solve the problem is to buy a new adapter from eBay and change the new adapter.


3: Have a hardware problem with the iPad 4

If the two ways above still works, it believes that you have the issue with your iPad 4’s hardware. In this case, you had better connect Apple for support or try and send it to Apple for After-sales service. If your iPad 4 is out of free service, directly go and find a professional maintenance man for help.

4: Other methods that you can have a try to solve your problem

If the ambient temperature of iPad is too low, it is likely to cause the problem that your iPad 4 can’t charge normally. Sometimes, you may get the wrong charger as the charger voltage of iPhone is 5 V which iPad is 5.1, you are not recommended to change to use.

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