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JVC GCFM2 Full HD Pocket Camcorder with 3 inch Touch Panel

Pretty much every new mobile phone being released these days can capture video, but many people still want a camcorder because the quality of the video is not that good on cell phones. Many men and women want the best quality camcorder they can get but aren’t willing to pay the price needed to get the top quality. If you take the time to think about it you will need to understand that if you want an inexpensive camcorder it is probably not going to be the best quality that’s available. On this page we’re going to be talking about some of the benefits and disadvantages of the JVC Picsio GC-FM-2 Pocket Video Camera.

JVC GCFM2 Full HD Pocket Camcorder with 3 inch Touch Panel
JVC GCFM2 Full HD Pocket Camcorder with 3 inch Touch Panel

This is at this time selling for about £70 if you were to buy it from Amazon. High quality camcorders can wind up running you up to £300 depending on the features you’re trying to find, and when you’re willing to pay for the best quality this product is probably not your best choice. But for many men and women they don’t have to have the best product available, and many of these men and women also don’t have that type of cash, which makes this product a good alternative. Yet another thing I should mention about buying this from Amazon is the fact that they are going to actually pay the shipping fees to have this shipped to your house.

One of my favorite features relating to this camcorder is that it actually includes a touch screen in order to simplify your recordings. You might also like the software that comes built into this unit simply because as soon as you connect it to your computer you will have the ability to upload it to any of your video sharing sites. One other thing I ought to point out is that high definition recording is very possible with this device and they provide you full high definition in 1080p..

You are able to find many reviews written concerning this product from people who have invested in it and you will see that about half the people liked this item and the other half didn’t. This product can do everything that’s advertised and this is one of the reasons that the men and women who left the good reviews left them in the first place. Needless to say most of the negative reviews you find about this unit are from men and women who were looking to obtain the best camcorder available for the cheapest price. One of the reviews I read from a person was that their touch screen broke and they also said it was not their fault, and they didn’t understand why this wouldn’t be covered under warranty.


All in all for people that are trying to find an affordable video camera that has a quality, but not the best, you should take a look at the JVC Picsio GC-FM-2 Pocket Video Camera. This is actually a good quality product of course, if you do decide to get it, Amazon would be the best choice.

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