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Kitchen equipment

A modern kitchen must use the best gadgets and accessories. There are so many if them but you don’t have to be scared. You will need just a few kitchen accessories. Any good cooking book has at least one dedicated page on kitchen equipment. I’ve used Jamie’s Oliver Ministry of food for inspiration.

Apple TV

In time I had bought all the equipment and gadgets I need to make simple but delicious meals from dinnerware to a toaster which also boils eggs.

My favorite and most used kitchen gadgets are:

  • an everyday kitchen tool set
  • a chef’s knives set
  • a kitchen robot with blender
  • a toaster
  • a sandwich maker
  • an apple corer
  • an espresso maker

There are lots of gadgets you may use. My advice is to see what you need first because I got all sorts of cool devices but I rarely use them.

To really enjoy your meals you will need to prepare it right and to decorate it. Decorating you plate is important because you will enjoy your meals more if the food looks beautiful.

If you like a drink along with a good meal get some specialized glasses. These glasses look good and they were created to make the dinks taste better. You must use the specific type of glass for each drink – wine glasses for wines, mugs for tea and coffee, shot glasses for vodka, rum tequila and so on.

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