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Kodak C1505 Camera Black 12MP 5xZoom 2.4 LCD VGA 30fps

I am sure that you’re aware that a few of the cameras which are available today have so much technology in them that it makes them very tough to use. If you are one of the individuals that are not friendly with technology you are most likely searching for a digital camera that is rather simple to use. And with regards to finding one of these easy to use cameras you will see that the Kodak Easyshare C1505 may wind up being one of your best options.

Kodak C1505 Camera Black 12MP 5xZoom 2.4 LCD VGA 30fps
Kodak C1505 Camera Black 12MP 5xZoom 2.4 LCD VGA 30fps

Something loads of people like relating to this camera would be the fact that it’s very compact, coming in at 2 inches high and around 3 1/2 inches long. This is a great feature for folks who wish to carry the camera inside their pocket as it’s going to wind up fitting in there perfectly. For people who have purchased these larger cameras in the past I am certain this is actually a feature of this camera that you are going to like a lot.

Although the camera’s small you’re not going to have any issue saying the viewing screen as it comes in fairly large a 2.4 inches. This is a very good sized viewing screen for any camera particularly one that is actually this tiny.

I ought to also point out that this camera not only can take photographs but can also record video which is a thing that is rather impressive for a camera of this caliber. The actual quality of the videos the you can record is fairly impressive for the size of this camera, you are going to have the ability to record 30 frames per second at 640 x 480. One more thing you will be able to do with this camera is edit the videos that you actually record directly on this unit.

There is also yet another feature on this camera that lets you label pictures and videos to be uploaded to the Internet to different sites. If this isn’t something you don’t want to do you don’t have to do it, it’s just an extra feature that’s added. For people who may be interested in this camera you’re going to see that Amazon offers a detailed product description relating to this camera.

And if you do go to Amazon you may also want to check out the reviews of this product, as half of these people who purchased this gave this a five out of five star rating. For just under £50.00 you can actually purchase this camera from Amazon and this is certainly a very good price for a camera like this. The fact that you are able to purchase this for less than the retail cost when buying from Amazon is one of the reasons you ought to actually purchase it through them.

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