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LG BD630 Network Blu-ray Disc Player

The LG BD630 Network Blu-ray Disc Player does not give you that high-quality when you first see it, because it is ideal basic on the outside. The interface is basic with play/pause, stop and eject buttons as well as the on/off button. The discs are loaded to the tray situated in the middle and USB device could be plugged on the right. It is not cheap looking, and like they say, good things can come in tiny packages, particularly when it is what’s inside that matters.

LG BD630 Network Blu-ray Disc Player
LG BD630 Network Blu-ray Disc Player

This small and lightweight player includes a printed manual, which is pretty good, a basic cable, and a well-designed remote that uses one AAA battery that is supplied. The player comes with a range of ports like RCA audio out, component video, HDMI, coax digital audio and a LAN port. Due to the affordable price, the unit does not have the ability to play videos since it is not DLNA enabled. In order to do streaming, it needs to be done with an external hard drive or a thumb drive. This disc player can’t be hooked up by way of an Ethernet connection, but with more costly models this feature exists.

This player can be used with an analogue standard TV, as well as a 1080p HDTV, and the audio options are every bit as good. It is possible to view movies clearly because the output can match the TV’s native resolution. It is possible to connect an external hard drive with the USB port, or even a USB thumb drive. It is able to support as many as 4 drive partitions and isn’t very fussy about the formatting of the hard drive. It should take you no more than a couple of minutes to set the player up to the TV. It won’t take long for the player to load and present the Blu Ray disc. For a brand new machine today, the DVD up-conversion to 1080p was only average, but much better than average when compared with earlier machines. The disc tray moves really well and does not have any noise.

This product works well, especially with upgrading the firmware. Use the Lan port or download from the LG website, and burn a disc and then play it on a USB drive. The firmware updates for the unit will continue for sometime by LG. It is worthwhile to mention that the local media files could be played through the Blu-ray player. Especially when you add in Blu Ray playback that is excellent, speedy loading times, good up-conversions for DVDs, and many more, this is worth the price.


The LG BD630 Network Blu-ray Disc Player is very good at what it does and for the price. Check out their web site for the most recent information, and read the reviews before choosing, but it appears like a winner.

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