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Live Like James Bond: Real-life Situations You Need A Spy Camera For

Bond, James Bond.

We have all mimicked the classic opening sequence to the James Bond films; 007s’ purposeful walk across the screen then suddenly he jerks round to shoot. Personally I enjoy adding to the authenticity of the experience by humming the theme tune at the same time.

If this doesn’t quite give you the secret agent edge that you’ve been looking for then do not despair; there’s a plethora of hi-tech gadgetry that you can use to bring a hint of 007 to your life.

An alternative, of course, is to convince your bald-headed friend to buy a white cat to menacingly stroke in his tropical volcano lair, but not everyone has the time!

License: Creative Commons Link: http://pixabay.com/en/man-hide-cartoon-free-hat-gun-29535/
License: Creative Commons
Link: http://pixabay.com/en/man-hide-cartoon-free-hat-gun-29535/

Become Big Brother

The Spy-camera is one of the most popular products on the tech market and can be secreted into almost any device; an alarm clock, a tie or a garden gnome. Even on a budget, it’s not difficult to capture the entire goings on inside your home.

Ostensibly this is for home security but also comes in very handy when curiosity gets the better of you or there is a family score to settle. Here are some top suggestions on how to put this gadgetry to use.


Who finished the milk but didn’t replace it? More importantly who drank the last beer?

You can find the answer to any refrigerator based mystery with an ingeniously placed spy camera secreted in a coca cola can. This is a genuine product and comes with a DVR camera hidden inside. A USB flash-drive hidden in the back allows quick upload of the evidence to uncover the perpetrator in complete spy fashion.  For the ultimate espionage finale produce some black and white stills of the footage when confronting the culprit!

Sleeping Suspect

Your husband (or wife) won’t accept he’s a snorer. Why not conduct some top secret reconnaissance by giving them a nice new alarm clock for their birthday? Inside is a secret microphone and camera, providing both video and audio evidence.

Edit the best bits into a video (perhaps with a lullaby theme tune) for sharing on social media as payback! Expect your partner to be checking the room for ‘bugs’ for weeks to come.

Cycle Safety

A growing number of cyclists are mounting small cameras on their helmets. In the event of an accident or any traffic dispute, the whole scene is recorded, giving investigators a clear picture of exactly what happened. This not only promotes safety and settles disputes in accidents between cyclists and motorists, it will also capture any interesting goings on during your bike ride.

Party Cam

One of the most suave and James Bondesque innovations today is the spy camera in a tie. You’re at a party and your friend is making fun of your formal attire; but you will be having the last laugh once he’s has had a few too many baby shams and you are capturing the evidence!

Animal Antics

Ever had a pet and wondered what they got up to as soon as your back was turned? Animals have a unique ability to get themselves into all kinds of trouble once left alone.

Admittedly, this doesn’t quite require use of a ‘spy’ camera when you are confronted by an animal, but don’t let that ruin the experience, stick a fake smoke detector on your ceiling, with, you guessed it, a spy camera secreted inside to find out what moggy gets up to once his owner is gone.

One final piece of advice, keep the camera as still as possible, only the Martini should be shaken when you are Bond.

Whether embarking on her majesty’s secret service or looking for the culprit who ate the last packet on crisps, a spy camera will serve your snooping needs well.

Who have you been spying on? Share your James/Jane Bond moments with us.  Extra points go to any budding spooks who can share their declassified spy footage!

Robert Dicksonhas an eye for fun tech and pretending he is a spy…He recommends Fly on the Wall.

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