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Logitech Revue With Google TV

With the help of the Logitech Revue with Google TV can change your HDTV into a smart TV as long as you have an extra HDMI port, broadband internet access, and a cable box with an open HDMI out port. You’ll have control of all sorts of media from the web, applications, movies and more right on your tv. What you’ll get when you purchase Logitech Revue Companion Box with Google TV and Keyboard Controller is the Companion Box and Keyboard Controller with integrated keyboard, handy remote control and touchpad. The product also comes with a power supply, 1-year limited hardware warranty, IR mini blaster, HDMI cable, a couple of AA batteries and manual.

Logitech Revue With Google TV
Logitech Revue With Google TV

Your HDTV can change into a smart television system when you integrate it with Logitech Revue With Google TV because you will not only be able to enjoy TV shows and movies but also use software applications and access the internet. You’ll be able to browse on the world wide web using Google’s own Chrome web browser. Using the enclosed full-sized keyboard controller and trackpad, you can navigate the screen with relative ease. With the Logitech Media Player app, you can stream your movies, pictures and music from your PC to your tv set. You can even use your HDTV for quick video calling with Logitech TV Cam, which must be bought separately.

As usual, whenever you look at a product to buy, you get excellent reports from the manufacturer about how great their product is, but then you read the reviews from the buyers. It’s not at all out of the ordinary to buy a product and get an awful one, so you expect that to happen occasionally. While exceptional, you can’t assume that every person will like the Logitech Revue With Google TV after they ordered it. Most of the reviews for this system were on the high side, but there were a lot that thought of this a bad product. It is fascinating to see that people either liked the Logitech Revue With Google TV or really loathed it.

Before you decide whether you would like to buy Logitech Revue Companion Box with Google TV and Keyboard Controller you better do some extra research. When browsing the comments, look for any common problems that may affect how you will use it. If people were having poor service, that could happen to you as well. Needless to say, be on the lookout for many who simply grumble about everything.


If you want to have a thrilling TV experience then you should think about buying the Logitech Revue With Google TV. If you are aware of the possible problems and feel that you can work with it, you should simply purchase it. At the least you will be prepared for anything.

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