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Logitech Squeezebox Radio – Internet Radio with WiFi wireless MP3 music streaming

Using the Logitech Squeezebox Radio it is possible to listen to music, news and sports from around the world without the need for a computer. You can find a huge number of free radio stations that you may tune into, by just turning it on. Your options for listening enjoyment are limitless, even your own music collection can be listened to, as well as the hottest online music services. You can hear all your favorites in your home as long as you have a Wi-Fi connection.

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Logitech Squeezebox Radio - Internet Radio with WiFi wireless MP3 music streaming

Your house will be filled with crystal-clear music when you combine your Wi-Fi network along with Squeezebox Radio from Logitech. When you are plugged in, you can dial in the BBC news from London, from Boston you can get sports coverage, along with you can even get a talk show from Sydney. People also can access an incredible number of songs through online services like Pandora and Last.fm. This radio is small enough that it will certainly fit easily on a desk in your den, in the bedroom on a evening table, or in the kitchen, on a countertop, out-of-the-way. The radio features a nice big sound due to its built-in high fidelity amplifier and speakers.

The squeezebox is no greater than a standard clock radio but it offers an impressively rich and full stereo sound. Despite its size, the squeezebox was made to use the innovative audio technology. Your own digital music will be able to come to life, because a wide range of details are captured by high-resolution encoding. You are able to enjoy a full sound experience because of the long-throw subwoofer, along with the high-definition tweeter. You’ll have clean and crisp high notes, strong bass and superb mid-range.

You will find any sort of music you like to hear, by receiving the best the Internet radio has to offer. With squeezebox, it is possible to listen to commercial-free heavy metal music or seventies disco tunes. It truly is uncomplicated to browse with an intuitive menu along with a full-color screen. Selections can be made with a uncomplicated turn of the control dial. If you have your special favorite radio stations, you can use the six preset buttons to save them for easy access. It can be a challenging task, making choices, with all of the music services and Internet stations, consequently SqueezeNetwork was created by Logitech. You will be able to quickly find the type of music and online services you like by using SqueezeNetwork.


The Logitech Squeezebox Radio Music Player is definitely fantastic if you want to hear excellent music from around the world. With the following player, it is possible to relish excellent audio content that’s offered over the internet. This is a great selection for almost any music lover.

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