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Minn Kota Endura C2 30 Transom Mount Electric Outboard Motor 12V

When it comes to fishing there are many folks who will end up spending any volume for top of the line equipment. But there are even more folks who are not worried about only having the very best and they are only looking for a good product. Not to mention the same holds true with regards to finding a trolling motor for your boat. And if you are looking for a good quality trolling motor that is not going to hurt your wallet the Minn Kota Endura C2 30 might be just what you are looking for.


First I would like to discuss a few of the features that you will discover with this device. The particular thrust level of this unit is 30 and if you know anything about thrust you will know that this is pretty good. This is furthermore a product that you can mount permanently on your boat, otherwise you can simply remove it easily when not in use. Everyone knows that sounds can frighten fish away so you will be pleased to know that this unit is rather quiet. This is why fisherman love Minn Kota, because they’re quiet enough to not scare the fish.

You will also discover that you will get long life out of the battery. Something we really should point out though is that the battery is not included with this unit. This is something that is normal, as you will not normally find a trolling motor that includes a battery, but I wanted to point this out for those of you who have never bought a trolling motor before.

One more thing that is great about this product is that it does not just have one particular speed, it actually has 8 speeds. You will find that there are 5 different speeds for going forward and you will in addition find 3 different speeds when you want to go in reverse. If you have ever had a single speed trolling motor you will recognize that this is a fantastic feature in this type of unit. You will find that the shaft that is included with this device comes with a lifetime warranty, and you will also like the two year warranty that is included with the particular motor. And with a warranty like this you know you are receiving a good quality unit.

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Minn Kota Endura C2 30 Transom Mount Electric Outboard Motor 12V

Another thing you should know about this particular tolling motor is that you can use this on other kinds of boats aside from fishing boats. In fact you can read tons of reviews on this product from men and women who have actually bought it on Amazon. This trolling motor is something that most of the individuals who have used this motor have left positive reviews. You should additionally know that you can actually purchase this through Amazon for just £170. And just so you understand that is over £40 off the retail price of this product. And with the free delivery you know you are receiving a good deal.

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