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Monster Beats by Dr. Dre Solo HD Project with ControlTalk Headphones

Dr. Dre has developed the the Monster Beats Solo HD Project with ControlTalk Headphones (Red) for people who like good sound systems. Many famous athletes and celebrities are desiring these popular headphones. The appeal of possessing such headgear could be enough for getting these headphones, but if not, then all of the features that come with them will certainly be.

Monster Beats by Dr. Dre Solo HD Project with ControlTalk Headphones
Monster Beats by Dr. Dre Solo HD Project with ControlTalk Headphones

It has well-designed and well-engineered speakers as well as outstanding noise cancellation and sound amplification.

Using Monster Beats Solo HD, you’re going to have sonic experience on the level of high-definition. Every little detail can be heard with extremely precise highs and mids and deep, distortion-free bass, all because of their sophisticated proprietary titanium coated driver technology. If you work out or vacation a lot, these headphones are lightweight enough for you to take them with you. The headphones are easy for you to carry in your briefcase, tote, coat pocket or carryon because of the compact tri-fold design. There’s two wonderful features provided by ControlTalk.

One is iPod playback with hassle-free on-cable control, which means you can pause, adjust volume, or go to the next track without the need to find your iPod. It includes a high-grade mic and the ability to separate the sound to each ear so you can hear audio and talk with another person at the same time. Beats Solos HD headphones allow you to hear audio programs, no matter where you are, with the best balance of thumping noise and lightweight gear. The ControlTalk feature provides you with complete control over the tracks and volume. Most of the buyers who wrote a review were more than happy with their new headphones. A few were not satisfied at all, so maybe they had been using better headphones, so these weren’t as good.


Reviews by consumers are usually all over the map. Some think these headphones are wonderful as opposed to stock headphones that came with their devices. Others have used top of the range headphones and were pretty disappointed. Keeping that in mind, you have to be careful when you read through reviews, either positive or negative, since your experience could end up being like either one. You might love the Monster Beats Solo HD Project with ControlTalk Headphones(Red), or you might think they aren’t what you were expecting.

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