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Motorola Atrix – Demystifying The Jargon Of A Sophisticated Mobile Phone

When purchasing a mobile phone, the Motorola Atrix is a stellar brand, which hosts a variety of features for the comfort and the convenience of the mobile phone consumer. Although the features on the Motorola Atrix and other mobile phones are meant to simplify the consumer’s life, sometimes all of the features can be overwhelming and perplexing to the new or seasoned mobile phone user. Here are just a few of the specifications, and how do the specifications make the mobile phone user’s life easier?

License: Creative Commons Link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sapiens/5841893532/
License: Creative Commons
Link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sapiens/5841893532/


What is an Android? According to research, an Android is an operating system that is designed for touchscreen mobile devices such as the Motorola Atrix.  The company was started covertly by Android, Inc., in California in 2003 and was eventually taken over by Google in 2005, and Google was responsible for bringing Android out of obscurity.

The first Android mobile phone was selling in 2008. Android is considered open source, which means that software can be shaped and shared by developers, manufacturers, and wireless carriers. In addition, Android is supported by software developers who create applications, or apps. These developers created almost 700,000 apps primarily for the Android.  Google’s backing of Android is the most popular international smartphone. Android apps are cost-effective devices for mobile phones. The Android is a powerful and popular market concerning mobile phones, with over 500 million devices and over a million activations of those devices each day. Android devices are usually powered by batteries, and prefer to keep power consumption at a minimum. Android manages the apps stored in memory automatically.


The term GSM stands for Global System for Mobile communications.  According to research, GSM was originally called Groupe Special Mobile and created by the European Standards Institute (ESTI).  Research states that The SIM is part of the GSM, and GSM is considered as a cellular network, which means that mobile phones connect by searching for cells in the immediate vicinity.


The term SIM stands for a subscriber identity module, which is basically a detachable smart card, and the purpose of the SIM is to store data on a mobile phone. A SIM card can be transferred from one mobile phone to another mobile phone and therefore can retain information. According to research, the first SIM card was created in 1991 Munich smart-card maker Giesecke and Devrient.


A TFT touchscreen stands for Thin Film Transistor and is found on touchscreens such as computers and mobile phones. TFTs are made from such materials such as silicon and oxides.


What is the difference between 2G, 3G, and 4G Networks?  It is all about the generation. For example, 2G means second generation digital technology, 3G means third generation digital technology, etc.


Last but not least, speed is important to consider when purchasing a mobile phone. According to the Motorola.com website, the Motorola Atrix HD is fast, as it supports 4G LTE, which is much faster than the 3G.  And speed is imperative for mobile phones to remain competitive.

Travis Bliffen is a full time blogger who is well respected in the world of technology. He enjoys reviewing and reporting about devices like the Motorola Atrix  since it gives him the chance to help consumers make well-informed decisions.

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