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My Personal PC Health Boost Review

I don’t remember what I did without PC Health Boost before I tried it. It really did enhance my ability to fix any Windows update error I had. It really did give my computer a necessary ‘health boost.’ I can understand why another person might be skeptical, though. I myself tried other products that did not deliver as promised at all.My-Personal-PC-Health-Boost-ReviewPC Health Boost Compatibility and Purpose

This registry error repair software works with any Windows operating system from XP to present.  It might work on some tablet PCs. However, it may not work as well on the mobile version of this OS.

This software is not for Macintosh, Android iOS, or any other computer system than Windows.  It was made for the traditional version of Windows to help restore errors that occurred when installing new software. It also helps wipe away any malware acquired when visiting even some of the most popular websites.

My Favorite Features

I like the fact that I can press a big, large green button that is as plane as day in front of me. It also helps that the software guides me through each step. Usually within minutes I can scan, confirm, and remove all Windows problems.

This customized process is what I really need, and if I want to revert back to what I had before, I can. (Usually this would only be necessary if when trying to fix my computer I allowed it to remove essential software I need to run it.) Overall, this is one of the very user-friendly programs I have ever tried.

The menu is easy to read as well, and includes the following four main tabs:

  1. System Scan-This is the initial step taken when using the Healthboost Software to clean up PC errors. It finds out what problems are on the computer, and then it asks you if you want to remove it. Then, you would confirm you want them removed.
  1. Startup Boost-I also love this feature. It helps you start up your computer faster because it takes off some of the Start Menu (or start screen in Windows 8) items. That way, when your computer loads it doesn’t take so long to reboot. You can then begin using at least a few minutes sooner than beforehand.
  1. Restore-You would tap or press this tab if you want to go back to before you scanned your computer. It could happen that you need to do this, but as of now I haven’t yet done this. It’s just a safe way to remain protected in case you attempt to authorize the wrong registry changes.
  1. Settings-You go here to adjust any settings that will help you make the most out of PC Health Boost. It helps you decide what priorities you have in making your machine better. Just take a look to the right to see what PC Health Boost can really do for you.

PC Health Boost is Great, But You Have To Accept Facts

PC Healthboost is great for keeping your computer registry clean. It’s also great for removing errors that cause it to slow down, especially if some hacker was spying on you.

However, you have to face facts. You might also need a driver update program in addition to the Healthboost. This is a combo that will most optimize your computer automatically like no other pair of computer repair programs. Other Healthboost review information is available to help you determine if this is what you need or a different program.

Julie Blodgett is a WAHM. For those of you that don’t know, a work at home mom. She uses her computer for her livelihood and she wouldn’t just let any piece of software reside on her computer, so she takes her reviews very seriously. You will find Julie blogging about issues close to her heart such as growing up in a safe and happy family, keeping a positive outlook, and making healthy choices.

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